Thursday, 17 May 2007

I'll scratch your back

Paul Wolfowitz, architect of the War in Iraq is a truly odious character.
He found a new job for his 'squeeze', in a promoted position and with oodles of extra money.
He threatened the people in the know with the following words 'If they fuck with me I have enough on them to fuck them'.
Needless to say, Our Paulie enjoys the continuing support of The White House, AIPAC and probably Mr. Brown as well.
No matter, that is not the point of our story.

In a local Council not far from where you live, there is a continuing struggle to make sense of the Single Status Agreement for Council Workers.
Under the guise of implementing 'equal pay for all', wages are being reduced to achieve equality for all. Again, that is not important for our story.

Some of the local workers decided that they would like an Easter Holiday with their families.
Of course, they are entitled to take public holidays when they want.
In this case, the management were unprepared for this, having been used to a workforce which would 'sit and beg' for whatever unsocial hours they could get.
The management viewed it as 'not quite cricket' that the workers didn't want to comply, in this case.
The response?
One of the senior managers took it upon himself to bring in some private contractors to 'break' the holiday Boycott.
That he wasn't in a position of sufficient authority to do this was not important (he has been made aware of this by his seniors).

What was interesting is the following :
This senior manager brought in 'the most expensive contractor' in the area to carry out the work.
This contractor must obviously be one which can be relied upon to carry out very good work.
Obviously, this senior manager thought so.
In fact, only last week, this same contractor carried out some, not insignificant, building work at our senior manager's house.
The locals were appalled, of course.

I am very sure that things were completely above board.
That is not the point of this story.

The point is this : if these guys can't even make themselves look 'squeaky clean', are they fit to rule our lives?

I think not.


Jose said...

I wonder whether these people do know what the word embarrassment means.

There should be laws why these elected figures who protect undesirable persons could be un-elected, ousted altogether from politics.

And, of course, I wonder where are the unions when they are most needed.

trousers said...

Sickening, isn't it?

Merkin said...

Sad but true, guys.
These cases, at opposite ends of the scale, are just symptomatic of what we face. My response is to tackle what I can, at my level, and hope everyone else can do the same.

In the case of the little 'local difficulties' I have been dealing with, it is evident that the Unions are certainly very cosy with the management and it is only the guys on the ground (ie shop stewards) who have the confidence of the workforce.