Monday, 3 December 2007

Smoke and Mirrors and Fantasy and Fact.

I was going to do a Trousers style review of a damn fine gig I went to at the weekend, trousers does them better than I can, but the serious part of me clicked in and gave me a thought to another place. A place which should concern us all - that The State can intrude everywhere, just everywhere - even in purely private, personal areas which harm no one.
To explain.
I went to a Burlesque night in Glasgow at Club Noir and enjoyed myself quite a bit.
There was no sex involved (unfortunately) but a fair amount of fantasy.
It set me thinking.

'A year or so later occurred the Brith Wood rape.....
We planned the rape the week before, up in the builder's stable......
We met there regularly to play cards and scratch and whistle and talk about girls...'

The boys talk about raping a young local girl - Lizzy Berkeley - and try to work out a plan so as to be able to get away with it.
They make a half hearted attempt to carry out the plan and, thankfully, don't go ahead with it.
Where did we read about this?
In some paedophile, fantasist website? (can't do a link for that, of course)
In the Beeb story?
In The Guardian story?
We read about it in possibly one of Britain's best loved books - the very well known and very well written 'Cider With Rosie' by Laurie Lee.
He wrote it as he remembered it.

The State steps in and imposes its own view of right and proper behaviour.
We saw the Colin Stagg saga where a honeytrap policewoman - also known as Lizzie - fed his fantasies and ended up with his being charged with a crime he didn't do.

My point?
The State can now decide what level of fantasy we are allowed to express.
If I mention to my friend about my current state of health using that well known Glasgow expression 'I could shag a barber's floor' am I in danger of falling foul of the Thought Police?
Now, that is bearing in mind that the three aforementioned accused in the court case had never even met - only their online activities had been monitored.
These guys don't appear to have been involved with user groups and The State appears to have 'fabricated' a case against them.
Are we all being watched?
Quite possibly.
No matter.

Anyway, did I have a fantasy about getting raped by the four lovely fag-hags?
No, I wouldn't even fancy it, no matter how wasted - the rape bit not the four lovelies, that is.
But, if I had fantasised, it is my business - nothing to do with The State.

PS one of the photos shows ME. Try and guess.

PPS Course, I was steamed - are you surprised.

Update : Wednesday.

Just as when someone tells you not to think of the word 'elephant' and you spend all day trying to get it out of your mind, I have had some interesting thoughts about my fag-hag friends and a variety of strange implements and a crate of Viagra.
Guilty as charged, M'Lud.


lavenderblue said...

I do hope ZoZoBear doesn't get confused.......or trousers- he is going through a bad patch - thinks he's Spartacus........

Merkin said...

Me Too !!!

Merkin said...

not bad legs

anticant said...

I always suspected you belonged to the high heels and fishnet stockings brigade.

RockyHorror said...

I own the brand.

Emmett said...

merkin, you MUST know Consuelo, swear to God(dess)....

I Think the point of it all is that we are all watchable, now; and, we may be singly cut out of the herd & shamed or whatever, publicly, when 'the state' -- read /individual careerist/! -- has some temporary increment of status-advantage to be gained.

IT Is the /a priori/ condition of universal subsidy that sets the stage for this stuff; and, the sleep of subsidy breeds bureaucrats.

BY-The-by, is anyone here a Cabaret Voltaire-type?

Pixie said...

very liza minnelli!

anticant said...

Liza Minnelli? Elvis in drag!

zola a social thing said...

Sally Bowles has a plan for the Merkin clan too.

makersoftheplaces said...

We do marketing work for various bra, very good bra,makers.
They often like to play.
We are interested to use you and your clan to promote our "NEW J STRING".
Our offices are in Edinburgh.

Merkin said...

Pixie, I'll give you Liza Minnelli
as for 'Elvis in drag' words fail me.

Wookie, Cabaret Voltaire are magic - except they could do with my lead guitar in places.

First time in that club for me and there was a scarcity of straight men in drag, must be said.
Don't know Consuelo but wouldn't mind if she is free!!!

trousers said...


As regards Cabaret Voltaire, do you mean the Dada club or the sonic manglers?

Man.With.A.Plan said...

Which one did you shag, Rocky?

Merkin said...

Thank you, 'Man.With.A.Plan', for lowering the tone. However, as was pointed out, that was not on the agenda - the dancing was neither horizontal rumba or dirty dancing.

Trousers - either/or have their moments.