Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Ooooooooh Jaqui, I feel soooooo safe.

Jaqui Smith is possibly the most incompetent in a long line of Nu-Lab Home Secretaries to disgrace that office.
Even she surpassed that bunch of cunts who claim to have protected us from another 3/1/1911.
On the Beeb she presented the latest anti-whatever breeze.
On Today Programme, she seemed to tell the whole world that Manchester airport was the easiest way to sneak into Britain
Could this be a double bluff in the hope that all the 'attempted Muslims' will queue up in the 'no bombs to declare' channel in the hope of by-passing the facial recognition software?
Who knows?. It seems that, after the Georgia debacle, strategy is not the neo-con strongpoint.
Anyway, Our Jaqui was asked by that veritable attack dog Eddie Mair if the system could tell the difference between identical twins. She obfuscated in an attempt to deny the truth - it doesn't work.
Knowing that the software sucks, our Britannia Ruler assured us that the passport/ID card would match with the photo.
Of course, The Merkin thinks otherwise.
The software may not be able to differentiate identical twins but the, mostly human, readers of this blog should be able to do so.
Just to make things interesting I have included an aged rocker, a real paedophile supporter, a monster, a few murder suspects and Gary Glitter.

Now, I would feel much more secure if Our Jaqui could assure us that the software could differentiate The Triplets.

Cameron 'The Russkies should be banned from Selfridges'

Clegg 'The Russkies should be banned from Harrods'

Milliband 'The Russkies should be banned from John Lewis'.

And Brown? In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed PM is there till Cheney decides otherwise.


zola a social thing said...

Oh you Brits.
PC as always.
Where the fuck is a picture of the infamous Condi-Sleezi-Nice?
Triplets anyone?
More Lizards anyone?

Sorry this is a sexist comment.

Anyway Merky boy : best way of doing all this is to demand a sample of our short-and-curlies ( snip snip ) and then to ......

Leyla Doon said...

Why no female faces?

Merkin said...

Specially for Zola, Tarja Halonen.

zola a social thing said...

We would have you know that Tarja Halonen has fought hard recently to prevent her Right wing government installing a pro-Nato hawk as a top security guy in the ministry.

BTW : Freudian maybe that you de-faced only men.
Come om me matey lighten up.

English Heritage Group said...

Quite correct Blogger On The Run.

Fulham Football Club will have no truck with the Chelski lot.

Merkin said...

Well, Leyla, The Merkin is not noted for any pretense of political correctness instead believing that 'when appropriate' is the way to proceed.

However, the particular site I lifted those photos from was not exactly full of pix of NastyLiza and friends.

The hunt goes on.

labor whip said...

And those buggers the Pansies should be banned from the media.

Merkin said...

'And those buggers the Pansies should be banned from the media'

I have got a good pal here. He is a six foot odd ex-lumberjack now working in ordnance disposal.
He wore his new Thistle strip to the Highland games at the weekend.
'Firhill for cheap thrills', is the mantra.