Thursday, 11 December 2008

Gordon Saves, Moses Invests.

Misplaced by Mandy, yet again.

I said :

'I saw this written on a toilet wall

Gordon Saves, Moses Invests.

the man is clearly a schizophrenic'

In order to avert the fall of Western Civilisation, the Graun thought fit to moderate it into that black hole of Orwellian Nothingness.

Yet, I was brought up with 'Jesus Saves, Moses Invests' at my University.

Perhaps, I wasn't beaten enough at school.

Perhaps, they can't take the truth?


kyklops said...

Hmm... as a hockey-loving Canadian (and lifelong Boston Bruins fan), I grew up with "Jesus saves, Esposito scores on the rebound."
I couldn't resist. Sorry!

Boy Salvation Scouter said...

Stand up stand up for Jesus ....

Sit down, sit down for Gordons sake the buggers at the back can't see.

zola a social thing said...

Is the Merkin asking to be beaten again with bullrushes?
What is wrong with the birch?
A few frayed fairies here and there, given by Hailed Mary, would soften the pain.
Even enjoy it you would.

Merkin said...

Well, Kyklops, exactly.

It is within our culture and not worth moderating, I would have thought.

PS Mr Mandelson recently compared Mr brown with Moses.

Zola, I remember one particularly bad film sub-title from Poland.

The actor said 'I am stoned' while the title said 'I am being beaten with stones'.

zola a social thing said...

The Jesuits will protect you.

manchester Jesuit said...

The Jesuits will whip this lad until he believes.

anticant said...

I wish the Guardian was still within our culture. I doubt whether the clowns running that once great newspaper know what culture is any more, if they ever did. Like Goering, when it pops up beyond their limited comprehension they reach for their pig-ignorant moderators.

I used to revere the Guardian. Now I loathe it.

Merkin said...

'. . when it pops up beyond their limited comprehension they reach for their pig-ignorant moderators.'

Never a more true word.

A mod is a judge and we would expect a judge to have wisdom - whether we agree or not with the decision.

Arbitrary decisions 'based, if that is the right word, on ignorance' do no one any good.

anticant said...

I suspect the 'Graun's' moderators are ignorant young otherwise unemployable "business studies" graduates who are poured out ten a penny by ZanuLab's "Educashun Educashun Educashun" sausage machine.

Equality of opportunity is all very well, but equality of knowledge and esteem is something else.

As the immortal W.S. Gilbert put it, "when everyone is somebody, then no-one's anybody".