Monday, 12 January 2009

The Catholic Orangemen of Togo

'Craig Murray's adventures in Africa from 1997 to 2001 are a rolliciking good read. He exposes for the first time the full truth about the "Arms to Africa" affair which was the first major scandal of the Blair Years. He lays bare the sordid facts about British mercenary involvement in Africa and its motives. This is at heart an extraordinary account of Craig Murray's work in negotiating peace with the murderous rebels of Sierra Leone, and in acting as the midwife of Ghanaian democracy. Clearly his efforts were not only difficult but at times very dangerous indeed. Yet the story is told with great humour. Not only do we meet Charles Taylor, Olusegun Obasanjo, Jerry Rawlings and Foday Sankoh, but there are unexpected encounters with others including Roger Moore, Jamie Theakston and Bobby Charlton! Above all this book is about Africa. Craig Murray eschews the banal remedies of the left and right to share with us the deep knowledge and understanding that comes over 30 years working in or with Africa. Gems of wisdom and observation scatter the book, as does a deep sense of moral outrage at the consequences of centuries of European involvement: even though he explains that much of it was well-intentioned but disastrous.'

Book reviews :

'chilling and Shocking' - MerkinOnParis

"unputdownable" - Boldscot

"well worth a look" - Mercenary Monthly

"where, exactly, is Togo?" - David Miliband

A very famous blogger - TwitterAndBustedWithPurpleKnickers - has kindly allowed me to link to her site if you want to read the tome in question.

And, read it you should as it gives a little background to the corruption that informs British Colonial intervention in Africa.

The next time someone tells you that 'aid' goes to the people via a 'black hole', you can explain how that 'black hole' is more man-made than that from the Hadron Collider.

However, the corruption that takes place in British politics is my favourite part of the book :

'The Customs and Excise team told me that the recommendation was that both Spicer and Penfold be prosecuted for breach of the embargo.

The dossier was returned to Customs and Excise from the Crown Prosecution Service the very same day it was sent. It was marked, in effect, for no further action.

The decision not to prosecute in the Sandline case was the first major instance of the corruption of the legal process that was to be the hallmark of the Blair years.'

It's all there.

Read it here.

Or here

If the link doesn't work (there have been strange goings on afoot) then look at original documents here :


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PS if you want to buy the book you can go here

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SpicerGirl said...

Don't read that book as it is just blood libel and my lawyers know where you live.

Merkin said...

What is blood libel, Mr Spicer?

zola a social thing said...

Not sure what went before here but I must ask the question :-
When has a legal system been other than corrupt?

Merkin said...

'When has a legal system been other than corrupt?'