Friday, 13 February 2009

'The Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness on CiF' - Part Umpteen.

What exactly does The Guardian hope to gain by thrusting my comment into the hole of Orwellian Nothingness?

Today we saw a typical attack from the GIYUS cabal on Soumaya Ghanoushi.

Ripe for revolution by Sounaya Ghanoushi

merkinonparis's comment 13 Feb 09, 1:40am (about 15 hours ago)

'Soumaya said : Four months before the Shah was forced to flee, the CIA issued a report describing his regime as stable.


But, there is more than that to US/UK hypocrisy.

'With the establishment of Iran's atomic agency and the NPT in place, the Shah approved plans to construct, with U.S. help, up to 23 nuclear power stations by the year 2000.'

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13 Feb 09, 6:06am (about 11 hours ago)


Great post and fascinating information. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.'

(Ed : Needless to say, by mid-afternoon, my words of truth were a bit too strong for the warmongers and my comment was deleted from the pages of the Graun - but not from the collective memory.)

Thanks for the support, Teacup.



anticant said...

I don't know why you bother posting on that pisspoor CiF site. The heavy and insensate PC moderation makes a mockery of its name and is an insult to the memory of C.P. Scott. In former times, the "Manchester Guardian" [as it used to be] was a beacon of genuine liberalism and a bastion of principled politics. Now I call it "Russbridger's Ratbag".

Merkin said...

Nothing to disagree with there, Anti.

Still, I feel the need to point out the slide into whatever we are sliding into.

anticant said...

Poo, poo.

Jose said...

As I don't read that CiF section in the Guardian, that news inserted by Merkin here comes as quite a news which should be spread about the world and which confirms the double morality of those who lead our friends beyond the Atlantic.

On reflection I dare to say that any leader in the world today ought to be accused of double morality.

Merkin said...

Thanks for the support Jose.

I have written other posts on the same subject and I may do another in the next couple of days.

At one point I used to mirror all my posts on another site - but there were too many deletions keep up with.

Edward said...

Maybe they're moderating your name - you do know what a "merkin" is, don't you? Keep up the good work anyway - however poor the Graun's CiF is, it's a fuckuvalot better than The Times. Or the new Indy.

Merkin said...

Well, yes, Edward - I had considered the possibility that someone there is Merkinist.

anticant said...

Edward, you need be in no doubt that Merkin knows full well what a 'merkin' is! Observe that his blog moniker is "MerkinONParis" - not "in" - the allusion being not to Paris, France but to Ms. Hilton.

I doubt whether the asinine monitors at CiF are subtle enough to understand this......