Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Makepeace JacquiBlue not Fantasy

In the seventies, WE knew all about terrorism.
We had it on a weekly basis.

I liked Dempsey and Makepeace, The Professionals and The Sweeney.

It was that time.

Some things change but the ever present threat of a 'sugar bomb' is one that should, both, chill and shock us 24 hours a day.

Still, the burden of proof appears to have changed over the years.

For example, at 8.50secs in the video :

Harriet Makepeace : They've bought anti-tank weapons, automatic rifles, stun grenades and they've been inspecting gas installations.
Now, we have enough to book them on conspiracy, right now, why don't we do it?

Spikings, the Cowley-esque boss, : Good Morning, Sergeant.

Now, if Glynis Barber couldn't get a collar when they were found 'bang to rights' how the hell does Jacqui expect to do it with a few 'sugar sachets' from 'Greasy Joe's 24/7 Conspiracy Halal Coffee Stall'?

Could it be that, as Mr Murray says, this is a bomb plot with no bomb and no plot?

PS Glynis Barber was a big ride in those days.


Anonymous said...

These students abused the visa system and are quite rightly being held pending deportation.

Have you never heard of the 'ticking bomb'.

They might have had one.

Bodwyn Wook said...

Have just notified this alert to Englishman, LUC, Libertatian Alliance, Anticant, Anna Raccoon, Edward:

Sorry, this is perhaps 'off topic', but you may want to keep an eye on this EU mucking about with internet 'packaging':

Jose said...

Well, every day there is more and more evidence that ideologies have ceased to exist. The exchange between your Jacqui and the Tory MP so seems to confirm to me.

Witches hunt I'd call this, nothing new under the sun.

Barnacle Bill said...

I think we will see this as an appendix to the next edition of the Dodgy Dossier, published of course by - the Blair Foundation.

MerkinOnParis said...

Anonymous, the ticking bomb scenario is purely that - a scenario.

Wookie, thanks for the heads up.

Jose, you are quite correct.

I would never have seen the day that Craig Murray reminded me that I was in the same boat with the Bishop of bath and Wells.

Billy Bones, appendices or appendages notwithstanding, the truth will out eventually.