Monday, 20 July 2009

The Orwellian Black Hole and The T-Word.

Once more the Fall of Western Civilisation has been averted by my deletion from the latest Toynbee offering.

My comment lasted approximately 25 minutes.

The politics of hope

My comment 20 Jul 09, 11:02am (21 minutes ago)

Don't make me laugh!

My villa in Tuscany is more left than Ms Toynbee.'

That Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness just keeps on sucking in any mention of the T-word.


Mr Bloch ed said...

But the "Principle of Hope" is surely the only principle that we can sustain.

anticant said...

Polly really is a hoot. A pity, as her late husband, Peter Jenkins, was always worth reading.

Jose said...

To know what exactly Left is one should have lived through it. Those who think Left - as far as I can see, which isn't much really - those strictly on the Left do not appear on the Media, only those supporting Left do time and again and, of course, the Right. By those supporting Left I mean those who appear on the Media to suggest ways to alleviate the sufferings of the real Left.

In the political scenario I believe there's no Left or, for that matter, no Right and no Centre, just pragmatism having to do with money and power.

Just my opinion, as always.

Edward said...

Sorry to have missed you of late - when I revamped my site Blogger forgot you - or maybe you disappeared in the CiF Black Hole. Anyway, keep up the good work - you're not the only one to be desaparecidos on CiF. I want to hear more about your local corruption too - seems like a story that should run and run.

Merkin said...

Nice to see you Mr Bloch ed.

Good comments, guys.

Mr Rot, good to see you back.

With regard to your recent comments about Airmiles Martin and george Galloway, I can't remember if I added my tuppence worth, or not.

You have to be brought up in the West of Scotland to see just how disgustingly and deeply entrenched is the religious bigotry.

One result is that the power is concentrated in either the green or the blue mafia.

Here it is blue, whereas in Glasgow it is green.

Airmiles would have got nowhere if he HADN'T been Kafflick.

It is changing but very, very, very slowly.