Friday, 18 September 2009

Merkin 2 Moonbat 0 Easier'n'Easier.


I must confess I was being a little tongue in cheek.

However, Moonbat does not do humour, it seems.

Why else would my comment have been sucked into the Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness that is The Graun.

What was it I said that just had to be removed to avert the fall of Civilisation As We Know It?

All is revealed. I was responding to one of the Monbiotrolls.


18 Sep 09, 4:03pm (1 minute ago)

MerkinOnParis: and there are plenty of scientists here who have been modded out of the argument.

(Monbiot Troll - my edit): 'Er, no, it turns out Benny's links hadn't been deleted, they're still there if you can be bothered to scroll up. That claim was untrue.'

I did not refer to BennyBriscoe at any time, so what is your point?
We do know that some of his posts were deleted and I would think his claims were worth a lot more than some of the warmist trolling we have seen here.

However, I did say
, 'What I do know is that Mr Monbiot's attacks on anyone who disagrees with the official line - on such things as MMGW and the question of how three steel framed buildings fell down in a fire - are becoming increasingly desperate.'

Now, I am just going to a prayer meeting with one of the actual Lizards who bayoneted the babies in the incubator.

Back later.'

What did I let myself in for?

Aaaaaaaaaargh. . . . . . . . .

The full panoply of control methods directed at The Merkin starting with deletion by The MonbiotMods Squad.

Why should this be so?

Perhaps, Mr Monbiot is reminded that he has no credibility as anything, other than a gatekeeper, after he cited Popular Mechanics as his source for the claim that three steel-framed buildings were brought down by a fire in New York.

Perhaps he could also explain why these, relatively minor, diesel and paraffin fires left thermite traces?

I doubt it.

You see Mr Monbiot does not do science, it seems, only GW faith pontifications.

He has been asked to debate the subject with more than one climatologist.
However, he has said he won't sit the exam unless they give him the answers in advance. Brilliant ploy.

What is he scared of?

Meanwhile, I am going to feed The Lizards their diet of Princess Diana Bones and New Improved Incubator Babies.


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Agony Aunt said...

Keep going and don't let the bastards get you down!