Saturday, 19 September 2009

George Monbiot + Chloe Sumner = Scary


The similarities between High Priest Monbiot and GreenAngel to members of The Family of are quite chilling.

One to pronounce on The Truth and one of His novices to satisfy His whim.

That Chloe Sumner is able work as a teaching assistant tells us all we need to know about the real reason NuLabour want us all on The Database.

The full post was deleted - this time no trace was left on the thread.

Fortunately, I always take a copy.


19 Sep 09, 3:27am (2 minutes ago)

Before I get deleted, as surely I will, I should make a few comments for posterity.

This must be the most moderated blog ever.

George has every right to delete anyone he wants - after all it is 'his' blog.

That he covers it in the Guardian is neither here nor there.

It is his choice to delete swathes of scientists, if he wants, when they don't accept his point of view.

However, when it is obvious that he does not want to engage with his critics then we must be allowed to point that out.

Some comments that will show his view - bearing in mind that not a sparrow can drop on this thread without his say-so.



18 Sep 09, 11:53pm (about 3 hours ago)

'There is no 'argument'. There is no 'debate'.

As any psychologist will tell you, denial is borne of fear. Fear of change, or fear of those things that don't fit nicely into our cosy little world view.

That fear is right here in those who would rather character assassinate GM (that's George Monbiot, not Monsanto btw) than look at the overwhelming mass of evidence.


No argument, no debate?

Obviously so, I am qualified in the area that George is not so I get deleted for asking a question.

I understand.




18 Sep 09, 11:33pm (about 4 hours ago)

One of the most disturbing comments came from Chloe Sumner - a teaching assistant at a primary school, no less!

greenangelchloe's comment 17 Sep 09, 11:08pm

'This is something so obvious only the most hardened Denialists will fail to appreciate it - it's the long-term trend that is important. Even I know this and I'm not a scientist. . . . . . . What they are doing is tantamount to treason, not only against the human race but the biosphere itself. Someone somewhere should be making a list of names.'

A list of names for what purpose may we ask?

Will George Monbiot repudiate the words of his acolyte?

Some of these people are really scary.


George must have approved this.


If you ever do anything good in your life, George, tell us that you repudiate everything that Chloe Sumner has said in relation to 'making lists' of those that don't follow the true path.'

It all disappeared, once more, into The Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness that is The Guardian



Anonymous said...

Quite right - these people now have MMGW as a protected belief in England.

Even the names 'BearWitness' and 'GreenAngel' are religious in tone.

(I suppose you were referring to Manson and Squeaky as The Family.)

These people should be exposed before they kill someone for 'lack of faith'.

zola a social thing said...

Is it any longer appropriate to say that I do not know?

This issue and these issues have been, more and more, away from my personal knowledge.

I am struggling to even find an opinion on these matters.

Yet somehow I support the Merky Boy in getting things out.

Without that what hope is there for the likes of me in hell?

Merkin said...

Kind thoughts, Zo-zo.

There should be no disgrace in ever saying 'I don't know'.

Yet, the very act of saying so is seen as heresy by The Monbiot and his cabal.

That, in itself, gives me cause to doubt a large portion of his gospel.

It may just be me.

However, I have had enough support, from people who fully understand the issues, to think that I am not alone.

Merkin said...

Update :

I have just received an email from one of the scientists who was modded on the Monbiot thread for questioning the unquestionable.

This was despite having a couple of degrees in very relevsnt subjects.

Now retired, '. . .I actually spent my whole career investigating and evaluating the probable truth of information;. . . '

No wonder we are skeptical.

zola a social thing said...

You can also bitch abit if you want you know.

Common give us a bit of bitching.