Wednesday, 30 September 2009

No Comment is Free in the Guardian.


30 Sep 09, 3:19pm (about 8 hours ago)
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'I know of one film director who is - at this very moment - trying to exercise his 'Right to Return'.'

Once more into that Black Hole of Nothingness which is the Graun.

Funnily enough, I had a girlfriend in Poland who was an actress.

Her father was a good friend of Polanski when he lived in Paris. She had the actual bell, she claimed, from Rosemary's Baby which Roman her given her father as a gift for her (knowing she was an aspiring actress).

Nothing more to be said.

I could have added further to the debate but was not given the opportunity.

Zionist control of the media?

Sometimes, I wonder.


anticant said...

The 'Guardian' is a disgrace.

I got into hot water for saying this to my holidaying friends. They rushed off every day to obtain a copy, and spent hours reading it.

What a way to spend a holiday!

Edward said...

The Guardian does seem more illiberal than, say, The Indy or The Times, where comments seem to get through. However, I can't see why your comment was removed - my guess is that they've got your number!

Jose said...

I cannot understand how people keep sending comments to The Guardian knowing as they do that freedom of expression is not guaranteed. I myself never read the paper, much less the comments.

anticant said...

Because the 'Guardian' - originally 'Manchester Guardian' - was for over a century the beacon and standard-bearer of Liberalism and civilised values.

It was often over-worthy and idealistic, but always respectable. Now it is unprincipled and intellectually incoherent.

A great pity.

zola a social thing said...

I agree with "Edward".
Me Merky Boy they have your number but I am told you have others numbers that will see you through.

Good on you.

I also agree with Anticant. Sometimes we can regain a tradition ( even if nostalgia is around)or at least re-invent it a little bit.

The Guardian is not the worst by any means or measure.

But me Merkin : Keep on truckin.

anticant said...

No, it isn't the worst. But given its former proud traditions it shouldn't even be the least worst.

Its holding company is plunging into debt. Yet the editor and senior contributors are paid astronomical sums compared to salaries at David Astor's 'Observer' where I did part-time subbing in the 1960s.

Merkin said...

Good thoughts guys.

I am just curious to see how far they will go.

Funnily enough, I actually only started looking at the Graun regularly when downloading English lessons from a site which always featured a Guardian story (at different levels) or a paraphrase of it.

At that time it was still a quality newspaper.
Changed days.

Jose said...

Well, Anticant, it might have been then that The Guardian was really handled by true journalists. Journalism today, as you very well know, lacks the real essence that profession must have.

Alas! It's been our luck to live with it.

Merkin said...

Well said, Jose.

However, the demise of journalism as we knew it has been coupled with the rise of the citizen journalist who has the gumption to examine the source material.

For every cut and paste from the Graun staffers of a press release there is a cut and paste from an enthusiast who is actually prepared to take the time to investigate.

Jose said...

Right, Merkin. We are all - shall I say it? - "pocket" journalists.

zola a social thing said...

As we are all criminals anyway :-

We av gotta pick a pocket or two
We have got to pick a pocket or two.

Merkin said...

I see there is more than one cynic on this site.