Friday, 25 December 2009

Guardian Orwellian Hole Part Umpteen


Finish the year as you started.

Once More into The Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness.


25 Dec 2009, 2:10AM

Dear Agony Aunt,

Is a White Phosphorus attack classified as an acid attack?

Just so I know when it's legal, like.

The Mods have managed to weed out much of The Resistance to the violence that this government controls us with.

The Graun article was about acid attacks
. Usual anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Somehow it missed out the War Crimes in Gaza - crimes we wrote about earlier this year.

Wonder why?



Jose said...

Oh, Merkin, please do not stir the ashes. Something evil may be induced into you-know-who's heads.

Phil said...

I don't know what you wrote because it got censored. The Guardian article seemed okay. It was just about a specific kind of horrendously violent criminal offence. I can't see why the writer should have been under any obligation to write about other types crimes at the same time. I cannot imagine why on earth he aught to hae included unrelated information on War Crimes in Gaza. Your comment on your blog does seem to force a link where no natural one lies. I also do not think that your description of the article as "Anti-Muslim rhetoric" is justified. Seems to me that it's just as appropriate for Mr. Nadeem Badshah to write about his own backyard as an attempt to clean it up as it is for you to criticize yours.

Phil said...

Oh, and a happy new year to all!

Merkin said...

Happy Xmas, Jose.


Ashes of a once great newspaper wich only survives because of the profits from Auto Trader.

What to say?

Phil : I don't know what you wrote because it got censored.

What is I wrote is in front of you - Dear Agony Aunt etc.

Jose said...

Happy days, Merkin. I was just referring to the ashes left by the wars induced by those interested in them. Those who have something to get out of them.

And which so many have died for.