Sunday, 31 January 2010

Vacuum Tubes for Palestine

Long time ago.
I wanted a siren for my bike.
Had read the DC comics adverts.
X-Ray specs.
Ant Farms.
Tireless Legs.

I was more interested in the technology that would allow my bike to sound like an 'Ambliance' as Neil called it.

We went to the shop.
Bought the 'siren'.
Not sooooo easy.

My father paid 27/9d - a lot of money in those days.

The girl took the order and the money.
She placed it in a capsule and sent it down a vacuum tube to the cash desk.

Duly, we got the receipt and the 'ticket to ride'.

Many years later, I saw the same thing.

Was a Sci-Fi film where this was now new technology.

Fuck off.

Seen it, done it, bought the siren.


1 comment:

Jose said...

If politics in the Middle East continue to be like they have so far, the vacuum tubes will be used to send corpses out.