Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Monbiot is a Danger to Us All.

I wrote on the Graun blog yesterday.
Only a few words.
Plenty of recommends and it lasted 18 hours.

Then, suddenly, into that black hole of nothingness that is Graun deletion.

What was it I said that could rock the boat that is MMGW orthodoxy?.

Well, Mr. Monbiot said : 'The cold has reason in a deathly grip.'

Quite reasonably, I said 'Sure, the Cold tried to hide all the evidence about the Climategate Emails.'

Pouf. No more did I say that. Disappeared like snow of a dyke.

Why should this be so?

Mr Monbiot is well aware that I am more qualified than him in those areas of science in which he seeks to lecture the proles.
Worse than that, that he refuses to repudiate the words of one of his acolytes who seeks to threaten all of us who have a different view.

She said : 'This is something so obvious only the most hardened Denialists will fail to appreciate it - it's the long-term trend that is important. Even I know this and I'm not a scientist. . . . . . . What they are doing is tantamount to treason, not only against the human race but the biosphere itself. Someone somewhere should be making a list of names.'

But, you see there are scientists amongst us who don't agree with you.

Meanwhile, we are freezing and Mr Monbiot tries to give us the Orwell Truth.

Cold is Global Warming
Heat is Global Warming
Drought is Global warming
Flood is Global Warming

Listen, George, the scam is over - same as the scam war of Terror.

You guys better scoop up the dissidents while you can.

As I said before, The similarities between High Priest Monbiot and GreenAngel to members of The Family of are quite chilling.

No doubt I am on a list.
Certainly, Climategate is on a list of words that the Graun doesn't like.
What else has George proscribed?

The guy is dangerous. No more, no less.

He is a tool of Big Society/Pharma/Oil and represents the most obvious form of repression we are all experiencing.
How many Ian Tomlinsons or Jody McIntyres will be damaged by his rantings?

Plenty more, that's for sure.


Phil said...

The number of posts that were deleted is incredible and leaves almost only comments that agree with the author. Some comments that were deleted were by sensible observers with no febrile need to do more than state their opinion. This level of censorship really is appalling on the part of the Guardian.

Merkin said...

There seem to be some particular words that are simply not allowed on The Graun, no matter the context.