Sunday, 22 May 2011

Meso beats a corrupt Council


Recently, an Employment Tribunal awarded +35K to a claimant.

The full story will be published here very soon even though there have been threats made against the writer.
The Tribunal Judgement is a matter of public record.

However, for those who haven't read it :

And regarding Mr Murphy, the Tribunal noted : 'He had relied on Mr Welsh's transcript and on an unauthenticated copy of a recording of uncertain provenance of dubious origin and uncertain authenticity which he had interpreted it in a way that the Tribunal found it was not reasonable for him to have done and he had relied on the unchecked statement of an anonymous witness.'

The Tribunal noted :

'Following a Case Management Discussion on 30 July 2010 -(at which it was explained by the Claimant's representative that ; "The main issues which result in the alegations of unfairness" were; "The use by the Respondent of a taped conversation" and "The reliance by the Respondent on an Anonymous witness statement in each case as part of the disciplnary process)....'

This anonymous Witness Statement was actually retracted.

No matter, The Merkin will tell all.

'unauthenticated copy of a recording of uncertain provenance of dubious origin and uncertain authenticity'

Beautiful, no?


Barnacle Bill said...

Almost sounds like someone's dodgy dossier that was back in the news recently!

I look forward to reading the full story when you are able to post it, but keep up the good work and well done.

Philip said...

Agreed with Barny Bill. Can't wait to see the whole report. Well done on your help and support.