Friday, 27 April 2007

Little 'ole Wine Drinker Me

I am a British child. I am fifteen.
I am a Spanish child. I am fifteen.
I am a French child. I am fifteen.
The Brit Government wants to stop alcohol in the house.

No more wine with dinner.
The Brit Government has bred Vicky Pollard.
Who is right?.


anticant said...

Well, not quite the government yet. Just another of these busybodyish pressure groups FOR NOW.........

As someone has commented with reference to this, the Englishman's home used to be his castle. Now it's just his holding cell.

Jose said...

Wine has been proved to be an excellent prevention against cancer, moderately of course.

Yes, Anticant, you are right as you usually are. Homes are becoming cells proportionally to streets becoming circuses.

This brings to my memory the old games in the Roman Empire, only that today we are not obliged to come out...

anticant said...

From being 7 or 8 I was always treated to a half-glass of good burgundy at Sunday lunchtime - the only occasion during the week that the family drank wine in those days.

My Grandmother was a very wise person. She was totally opposed to Temperance movements, because she said that enforced abstinence produced more drunkards than anything else! "Everything in moderation" was her motto - and mine.

Jose said...

And your Grandomother was indeed right.

troushersh said...

Never did me any harm.

Merkin said...

I used to visit my granfather's friend of a Sunday, together with my father. They would then give this 3 year old a glass of something and then ask me to perform my party piece.
My party piece, at that age, was to recite the names of politicians in the news, together with a precis of the political views they held.
Lamumba, Tsombe and Casabubu tripped of my tongue as easily as the alcohol dripped down my throat.
Halcyon Days.