Tuesday, 1 May 2007

World Guitar Day - 1st of May

Today in Wroclaw; Poland a special event is taking place.
Leszek Cichonski the famous guitarist is hosting an attempt at bettering last year's recapture of the 'Guinness Record' for greatest number of guitar players performing one song.
First year we had 587 guitar players and 1 banjo player (who else, before you ask).
Last year, we had nearly 1600 players in the Market Square in Wroclaw.
This year will be even better. The event is being shown live on the Net, and better still, you can join in with the hordes via computer.
Check out the links if you want a good time.



Update 2007 : This year we got 1876 players!

Update 2008 : This year they had 1951 players!


Jose said...

I'll try to get through to it, Merkin. Thanks.

ranger said...

Rock on Merkin!!!

Merkin said...

It was a blast - I must go next year instrument in hand.

Bitterweed said...

Insane ! LoL

Merkin said...

Insane, indeed.
That's The Blues.