Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Local Lies, National Liars

A politician lies but the truth is suppressed. Why?.
It's the local Council elections, stupid.
Those of you who are refugees from Pikey's site will know the story so far.

Digging For Dignity

The Struggle for Dignity carries on.
As part of that, the Council has been successfully lobbied in an effort to make safe the working conditions for the employees - after an internal Council Risk Assessment warned that its employees were indeed 'at great risk' in certain areas.

So good, so far.
Not so fast. Hold that story.

The particular employees have been told they must continue to work in unsafe conditions or face disciplinery action. Why?.
One Important Local Councillor stated in the newspapers that working conditions had, in fact, been declared satisfactory by the elected Councillors. Not true. Very not true.

(In any event, the local Councillors do not have the option of subverting Environmental Law and they have been told this by the whistle blower).

Anyway, the aforementioned person was caught out in his lie and the newspapers know full well about it.
They can't print it because the said Councillor is up for re-election tomorrow and the local paper comes out the day after that - he was very 'sneaky' as he only made his statement this week.
Sure, it can be alluded to - but only after he is re-elected.
Aha!, the people can't be told what a sneaky, lying bastard they are voting for.
Sounds familiar?.
I would not like to influence the Democratic process unduly, as any independent candidate should be allowed to stand, so I won't mention what party is involved.
The fact that a few manual workers are 'in a perilous situation', due to lies, when compared to the troops who are 'in an extremely perilous situation', due to lies, should not blind us to the fact that 'Lies are Lies' whether at Local or National level.
Meanwhile, the whistle blower, his children and soon-to-be-ASBO'd mother all suffer the anger of those who have a financial interest in the situation.


Westie said...

Scandalous, but almost certainly typical of local politics.

Jose said...

Dignity? What are the parameters for dignity nowadays?

Pride is no longer, hubris is the exclusive property of our politicians, those very same persons who are elected by somebody else on our behalf and who after being elected forget who we are, not in our capacity to pay taxes though.