Friday, 11 May 2007

Zoonie the Lazoon or Salmond Chanted Evening?

I worked abroad for a number of years.
What always struck me was the great admiration in foreign places for Mrs. Thatcher.
Real admiration. Ok for much of that time I was living in Poland - a country which did as much as any to break the miners.
Used to say to my students 'When she 'pops her clogs' people will be dancing in the streets where I come from'. Still true.
I didn't foresee that the hatred of Blair could be stronger than that. Yet, it is.
The one good thing from SpinDecade has been the fact that he has opened the way for a free Scotland. It will come, eventually.
Not that he wanted it - he just miscaculated.
The idea behind Devolution and a Scots Parliament was to defuse the Independence question using Labour's traditional and, seemingly, perpetual majority.
It hasn't worked.
A couple of reasons.
When the odious Donald Dewar (the poor man's Malcolm Rifkind) took up the reins, he had a deliberate policy of cronyism which meant that really able politicians would never pose a threat to him.
He succeeded and on his departure we were left with 'Taxi for McLeish' and 'Zoonie the Lazoon' McConnell. (Maybe Fireball XL5 is before your time).
Secondly, Iraq. Simple.
Well, maybe not.
Well, maybe not.
ID Cards.
Oooops, the list could go on. Sorreeee.

This linked article definitely captures the mood of the country. Celebration.
The article is written by someone who is very well known to most of you in different shape.
Even a bottle or two of Highland Park will not squeeze his usual moniker out of me.
Still, enjoy!! (The article that is, not the Highland Park).
Anyone guessing his true identity can also send me a bottle of the true nectar.
I am just that kind of guy.

It must be said that I was never majorly a supporter of the SNP having considered them the Tartan Tories. The culture shock of returning to this country after 10 years abroad changed my mind. Like many Scots I am firmly in the 'anyone but Labour' camp and will remain so.

Speaking with Swagman one time I commented that the major difference between the Tories and Labour was as follows : 'with the Tories you know they are bad bastards - but at least they are consistent. With Labour you trust the promises and are then shocked when they are even worse than the Tories'.
That's what has happened this time too.
Thank fuck?

As a final thought, someone threw me a suggestion.
Is it possible that 'Colin and Justin' Reid has chucked his latest job in the hope of getting a safe MSP seat?
First Minister for me or else you are 'malkied'?
Watch this space.


anticant said...

Politics wasn't always like this - though you're probably too young to remember. [A little flattery never does any harm, especially with Scots.]

My pet theory is that Thatcher was a Communist mole planted to destroy the old consensus-minded Tory party and Blair is a neoCon corporatist mole planted to destroy the old democratic-socialist Labour party.

If I'm right, they have both performed brilliantly.

Merkin said...

I remember you alluding to that before and my response being 'you may well be right'.
Right or wrong, they have both performed that destroyer function brilliantly.
I was reading Craig Murray's blog looking for more info on the Blair-Bush memo case.
There was nothing new so I read other parts of the blog.
He suggested that Salmond should simply bide his time. His reasoning being that Brown will not make it past a general election - in which case a Tory England would lead to a Nationalist victory longterm.
I don't care as long as it is not Reid who governs me.

As for me being a young whippersnapper?
You betcha!!