Thursday, 10 May 2007

The Age of Spin is still with us.

Just watching the Beeb doing an article about John Prescott leaving his job.
Now, personally, I liked JP some 25 years ago when his support for Stanley Adams in the Roche Products scandal was very principled (at the time I had whistle blown the massive fraud carried out by another Swiss multi-national and was smelling the coffee).
He lost it though, and after that his hypocrisy mirrored that of the rest of these scumbags who currently rule us.
No matter. Point is we got a wonderful statement from the spin person about TwoDicks :

'He wasn't always the safest pair of hands but he added to the gaiety of the nation.'

'Added to the gaiety of The Nation'?


Compare with the plea made on behalf of Paris Hilton :

'She brings 'beauty and excitement' to mundane lives'.

Do you think the same PR company is involved?

Now, in the interests of balance, I should really post a link to the petition made to Big Arnie on her behalf, but I won't. Fox may be fair and balanced, but we are not Fox.
Despite owing everything to Paris for my name, I would not be unduly perturbed if she rotted in Shawshank Hell for her 45 days.
So, I will give you an alternative.

Labour learnt about spin from the failure of Neil Kinnock.
(I am still pretty damn sure that Our Neil would have been PM if he hadn't fallen on his arse into the water on that famous beach).

Let's hope those that live by spin also die by it.
And then?

To paraphrase The Bard of Avon, 'First thing we do is kill all the Spin Doctors'.


lavenderblue said...

I am struggling to come to terms with 'John Prescott' and 'gaiety' being linked.
As for spin,i can only hope that the lot of them spin off the pages of our time and disappear,so like the ending of The bishop's Jaegers ( Thorne Smith).

Anonymous said...

I agree - that is the nature of spin.
One day, when you see the drama 'Downfall' you will see Prescott attempting to be the life and soul.

The Red Queen said...

Anyone for croquet?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more in terms of JP inviting the troops round for bacon butties with red/brown sauce.
The croquet was just the icing on the cake.