Friday, 8 June 2007

Flying is the safest way to fly

Some people love flying, some people hate it. I love it.
So, having just stepped off a plane, the following story from The Guardian took my eye.
It concerns a pilot whose singing of such songs as 'Come fly with me' and 'Singing in the rain' did little to reduce the tension for those phobics on board a 14 hour flight.
Worth a look at the link.

It also reminded me of a story.

I was flying London - Rio and the captain was clearly a happy-go-lucky soul.
Just past the half way mark he announced that as we didn't 'have enough gas to go back to London' we would just have to 'carry on to Rio'.
Bad enough for those native speakers who were bad fliers but a nightmare for those who had a less than complete understanding of English - they thought we had a general problem with running out of gas.

The stewards were kept very busy with the drinks cabinet.

And the toilets?
Don't ask about the toilets.


Jose said...

I remember once I was flying from Madrid to Tenerife, some time after leaving Madrid we had a warning from the pilot through the intercom saying that one engine (of 2) had caught fire and we were returning to Madrid. It was night time and the air hostesses came to and fro, pale and mute. The passengers in general raised hell. In my opinion the pilot could have returned to Madrid, leaving the warning for just some minutes before landing. We had to wait during more than half an hour to prove we had come back safe and sound.

Some pilots deserve a spanking!

Merkin said...

Jose, you are right.
I am very tempted to post a joke about that subject.
However, I will wait just in case I frighten the other bloggers.

zola a social thing said...

What about the toilets?

lavenderblue said...

ZoZo..........why do you want to know ?

boldscot said...

Now, now, no toilet humour on this blog.