Thursday, 26 July 2007

Empty Bowsers In A Line

Was Gordon lying or was he just incompetent?
I think 'Our Lawdi Broonie' was telling porkies.
Blair's Meyer Lansky knew where the money was.

Sing along with all the thirsty Angles :

'Empty Bowsers, in a line
Make me feel thirsty, all the time
Empty Bowsers, make me understand
We've a feeling that he's gonna screw us till the end of time'

Apologies for screwing the original :

Tiny bubbles in the wine,
make me happy, make me feel fine,
tiny bubbles make me warm all over
with a feeling that I'm gonna love you 'til the end of time.

Amendement 1

Just in case I have been too obscure in this matter, the post was inspired by watching Dear Leader on TV talking up The Flood
He made me so proud to be a native of the empire upon which the Sun would never dare to set with his seemingly endless list of all the good things which the natives should rightly see as being the Dunkirk 1966 Blitz spirit revisited in this time of crisis when the greatest danger we face is from those who would dare to question the absolute need for 56 days and an RDF tracking device for all.
Meanwhile, the poor people, without a helicopter to whisk themselves to safety, quite rightly asked the question : 'Where is the water we were promised?'


zola a social thing said...

More wine vicar
( the new prezzi-politics?)

Own up, own up who out there is a prezzi-prole-be-toryian

anticant said...

Gawdi's minions' mouse-like feeble squeaks of semi-independence have made Washington "uneasy", so the papers say.

So Dubya cracks the whip and Gawdi scurries off to the White House two months earlier than he'd originally intended.

Anyone really surprised?

Merkin said...

I thought trousers was the politician, or was that another article?
Anti - more likely he has gone over to receive batle orders for the forthcoming fun.
Witness the plethora of articles berating the iraqis for learning to shoot more accurately (with Iranian help, of course).

lavenderblue said...

'Where is the water we were promised'
Well,now..........the water that is flooding great areas of the country will be unsuitable for the reservoirs.So..not much future joy there,then......the pumping stations are under pressure and it isn't water pressure.
The 'forces' are fighting something somewhere.So little help there.
It is all round failure.
If Blair was (is) a cunt,Brownie-points is the compleat cunt.
Insurance companies working overtime to hike the cost of policies........and all this after the last floods - let me see now, any 'council' decisions going to be made here ?
Country gone to the reservoir Dogs.

lavenderblue said...

Cloning..first Dolly the Sheep..........and now, anyone see a resemblance twixt Brownie-points and Ray Nagin....
just wondered........

lavenderblue said...

And is it true they are renaming the 'labour party' the Hash-Brownies ?

zola a social thing said...

Hash Brownies with a smile.
( what a wonderful world...hic)

zola a social thing said...

Why has Lavender become fixed on those "Brownie" things?
Is it another case of the "will-nots" or what?
Merkiturkey should write a song about this .........

Merkin said...

Maybe it should be a change of name?
LavenderBrown or LavenderHashBrown?
Waddya think, does it have a ring to it?.

lavenderblue said...

LavenderBrown in a ring tra la ?
No It Does Not.

Jose said...

I am reading all this and wonder how you, Brits, keep your humour in these moments. Something to be praised for.

zola a social thing said...

I love Lavender in all her strange ways.
Suspicious about the merkigurkin however.
That's not humour that is....

barefoot freudian said...

Punning being the lowest form of wit - well, almost - I stand chastised for giving offence, albeit entirely unintentionally, to our much loved Lavenderblue with a thoughtess comment which needless to say was made entirely in jest as an idle play on words.

If I were a well-heeled, high fee-charging Freudian, it would perhaps have been another matter....

This site obviously needs a Beadle to monitor errors of bad taste before posting.

lavenderblue said...

And a Heartfelt thank you to Barefoot Freudian and to the Blog Administrator for smoothing all this over......
Thank you ! xx

Merkin said...

I was asked to remove postings by a couple of our regulars and have done so without any problem.
The fact is we DO have to be wary about the use of words sometimes.
Not because there is a particular policy on this site about language good or bad.
However, we know the government, amongst others, is in a continual process of trolling the net looking for grist for their particular mills.
Sad but true.

Today's post talks of the future that is already here.

Merkin said...

In fact, I was reminded of the Welsh story about Jones.

Shaggy dog tale about :
Jones the Builder,
Jones the Butcher,
Jones the Postman,
Jones the Soldier,

Punchline bit......

'And your name sir?'
'Surely you must have a nickname?'

Angry Mister Jones says.......

'One sheep, one time.......'

lavenderblue said...

ooops,put this on the following thread

and another thing......

Baroness Young, the head of the EA, said millions of pounds must be spent on improving drainage and protecting infrastructure, such as electricity substations and water plants.

She said: "Bills are going to have to go up, both because of drought and floods.

"You either pay upstream to prevent, or you pay downstream to mop up but you've got to pay, climate change is coming home to roost.

28 July 2007 08:31