Saturday, 21 July 2007

No Trident, Better Flood Defence. Is that too simple?.

On a day when there are not sufficient troops to help in the disaster relief in our own country, it was wonderfully woeful to watch 'Our Gordon' lying through his teeth about where the troops are.
Even Peter Sissons on the Beeb commented on that, despite all the film of the unfolding problems, we never saw a soldier - they all seem to be prospecting for oil (or rather Big Oil).

Could Bruno - Meyer Lansky to Blair's Capone - also tell us why we need Trident rather than proper infrastructure ie flood defences and adaquate sewerage.

As we in the West of Scotland are next in line for the torrents of rain (we are more used to it here, must be said) as well as the new Trident subs, I thought I would show you one of my holiday snaps from a sunny place.


lavenderblue said...

It is indeed amazing to hear on the news that 'we' are now short of troops.Is it at all possible for 'them' to see that maybe the troops could be needed closer to home in the light of the damage due to flooding ?
And, how come, after previous disasters, nothing has been done to prevent this ?
Earlier on the news, someone,didn't catch his name, said it was unprecedented.
Rubbish !
fuck Trident off - right NOW.

Merkin said...

Well said, Lavender and look out your snorkel while you can.

lavenderblue said...

Erm, round here we are only half-a-mile from the swollen Trent, it is rather scary.......
BUT - they have known this for years !!

Pixie said...

love the holiday snap.... what more can i say!!!!

Merkin said...

Pixie, obviously it is not me.
I only ever wear a fez and a Glastonbury effort with three prongs when on holiday.

lavenderblue said...

Is this not surely to be classed as a 'National Disaster' ?
The 'troops' should be re-deployed back here.........and,how come, after the previous 'disaster' that the Councils of each area did not sit down and form some kind of emergency committee/disaster contingency plan ?
Too much to ask ?
But of course.
Look at earlier posts from Merkin to read just HOW councils perform.
And another thing.....
if you look at your insurance policy you may well find that you are not covered in the event of 'the hand of god'.
HUH. Well, the best thing that the hand of 'god' was known for was the goal of Maradonna.
And frankly, if I need to prove a fallen tile was due to the hand of 'god' he'd better take up tiling is all I can say.
Insurance costs are rising higher than the water.
So WHAT, Brownie man for your points,are you going to do about it ?

lavenderblue said...

oops,that should have read 'Act of 'god' '
No matter.Same shite.

Merkin said...

Well written, Lavender, and to the point.
When you gonna get a blog?

lavenderblue said...

Merkin......I simply could not do one.
I respect and admire you for doing it.
i cannot.

Jose said...

I remember the times when a country without troops was the easy prey of its neighbours, not now any more, but perhaps that's what provokes governments' thoughts for Tridents, missile launchers and the lot.

zola a social thing said...

An act of God ( not insurable) ?
Look at that funny hat expanding on the lower regions of a Merkin!
Oh you beast Merkin oh you beast.
Global warming OK says ther Mercki one.

lavenderblue said...

and another thing......

Baroness Young, the head of the EA, said millions of pounds must be spent on improving drainage and protecting infrastructure, such as electricity substations and water plants.

She said: "Bills are going to have to go up, both because of drought and floods.

"You either pay upstream to prevent, or you pay downstream to mop up but you've got to pay, climate change is coming home to roost.