Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Mother's little 'Pet Lamb'

My birthday was well celebrated yesterday. Hic.
My mother's birthday is today.

A thought has just occurred to me.
A major thought.
So, all those years ago, I was actually an early birthday present for my mother.
And who wouldn't be pleased to get A Little Merkin for their birthday?.
And did she realise the full horror that would unfold in years to come?

Except, for my mother, I am not MerkinOnParis.
For her, I will always be 'My Pet Lamb'.

Well, there you are, that's my street cred gone forever.

No matter, it's her birthday and she is allowed to look back if she wants.
I am sure the card from my sister reminds her of my father.
And why not?.


lavenderblue said...

Like Father ...Like Son.
And A Very Happy Birthday to your Mother xx

trousers said...

And the same from me too!

Nell said...

Happy birthday to the little lamb and his mother...

lavenderblue said...

Fuck me , the weather has brought out
all things not so bright and beautiful today.
Will it ever change....Ha !

Merkin said...

Thanx folks, in general.
Nelleeeenka, dzenkeeee za pommisswuw - seeing as i don't have a polish keyboard.

Jose said...

Mothers are unique, Merkin, unique.

All the best.

lavenderblue said...

Jose ! nice to see YOU !........I hope so much that you are ok ?

Szwagier said...

Slightly belated 'happy birthday', squire. Terror of the neocons a 'little lamb'? Wait till someone *really* dangerous gets their teeth into them. ;-)

Merkin said...

I assure you SzwagMan that the 'lamb' story was pure disinformation so as to lure the neocon wingnuts into a false sense of security.

ben trovato said...

Merkin's Mother had a wee pet lamb
It's fleece was white as snow
But it grew into a great big sheep
As black as any crow.

ben trovato said...

PS Happy birthdays to you both! - and from Anticant and the Beadle. The Snug has elected your Mother as an honorary member, so free drinks for her anytime....

Ex-Birthday Boy said...

Thank you from me.
Thank you from her.
It would be prudent to open that extension to the drinks cabinet now and stock up for the drought to come.

Pixie said...

A bit late, but i've been away, that's my excuse anyway... So happy birthday Babe, hope it was a good one.
Lets hear it for all mums everywhere who all have their little lambs,even if they're so much bigger than their mummies.