Saturday, 7 July 2007

Shape of things to come (to the nth degree)

One of the first things that Thatcher Milk Snatcher did was to dramatically increase wages for the police. They did her bidding during the Miners Strike and paid her back well.
We see it today - the police force is no longer there to protect us from lawless elements.
The police force has been politicised to an unheard of degree and control of the population is the main task.
A friend of mine, many years ago, joined the Hong Kong Police quite rightly believing that a quasi-Military background would stand him in good stead upon his return to Britain.
At that time I couldn't see it but now think he was very forward thinking.
No surprise then to see this little story from across the pond.

Yellow Stars, Pink Stars, Thin Blue Lines : it's all the same, in fact.


Jose said...

That made me remember those times when the Unions were in progress how the Police behaved regarding them, trying by all means to thwart that progress.

It's scary if we think how there are sectors of our society which enjoy of privileges. Those so chanted words of equality seem to have lost their effective meaning, turning into empty words depleted of significance, even for those whose main responsibility is to enforce the law.

Merkin said...

Well said, Jose.
It seems that all we can do is note the changes - we are practically powerless to change it ourselves.

zola a social thing said...

Have you not heard of the "New Chartist" movement?

trousers said...

I've held off from commenting on this because I can't add anything meaningful -

except to say,

Damn right Merkin.

Merkin said...
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Merkin said...

Well, trousers, the presence of you guys is meaning enough for me.
The rest is a matter of 'step by step'.

zola a social thing said...

Radical Rubato
At best.

Pixie said...

Politics are all well and good, or totally up it's own arse.. whichever....

I want to know more about mummy's little lamb here...

Or a sex scandal...

Or how far away is the sea...

Or i could just go to bed... whatever

Merkin said...

'I want to know more about mummy's little lamb here...'

Pixie dearest, why here?
Why not your place?
Best place for sex scandal, no?

zola a social thing said...

A pixie in bed?
That is quite poetic.
Can I use that sometime?