Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hail to The King - Lord Biro

Racing towards the 30th anniversary of the death of the original Monster of Rock, I am reminded of my duties (duties which have been sadly neglected in recent months).
As Northern Representative of 'The Church of The Militant Elvis' - an honour bestowed on me by Lord Biro personally - it is time for me to do some canvassing on behalf of the cause.
And what could speak better than a few scribblings from the man himself (Lord Biro, I mean).

Just wait till he gets started on 'Our Bruno'.


lavenderblue said...

Biro certainly is Magic.
Chatting to him day before,he is doing a quick exhibition as a tribute,of course !

trousers said...

Hahahah, nice!

Merkin said...

This one's my favourite :

Eco-Warrior gets tough

Stick the Toxic Texan
in the Electric Chair


just to show
I care

zola a social thing said...

Merkin : you can now give up yer normal job.
You have found your vocation.
Loved it matey.

zola a social thing said...

By the way Merkin : I had left out a small word in a previous post. It was "not". No jokes here I am sorry.
It was Anticant that told me this.
But I hope you know me well enough to forgive my mistake. A bad mistake.

Merkin said...

And there was me thinking you had said it with your fingers crossed behind your back, Zo-zo.

Re : a review on Stef's Blog reads as follows :

'Bloggers on the Run currently features a post on 'The Church of the Militant Elvis'. I freely admit to not having the faintest fucking idea what that's all about.....'

I can assure the populace that the Northern Representative is in complete agreement - I haven't the faintest fucking idea what it's all about either.
I just know it is a lot more honest than anything that has come out of the collective arse of British Party Politics.

lavenderblue said...

Lord Biro's latest exhibition features a toilet,beefburgers,and golden plastic poo.
Entitled 'The Elvis Bog Seat Lucky Art Show' it runs 'til next Saturday in the West End Arcade,Nottingham.
There is maybe a prize for accurate Burger-Tossing.
It would appear the the local media are turning a blind eye to this Event......

boldscot said...

Lavender, can't Ray Gosling get him some publicity?
Must be worth a look for the good people of Notts.

Pixie said...

I saw Elvis on Wednesday night in Fishtown, Philadelphia, outside a bar signing autographs.
But i do know I'm missing the point before I get told again!

boldscot said...

What was a bar doing 'signing autographs'?

kyklops said...

"You're as bad as World Cup fever"? That simply won't do. Next you'll be slamming Canadians for loving hockey. This rampant racism must stop, here and now!!! I'm calling my embassy now...

Merkin said...

Nice to see you, kyklops.

As a Scots person, I have been fairly immune to the World Cup in recent times - instead following Poland where I am normally resident.
The artist, my good friend Lord Biro, was definitely pissed off with the adulation afforded to Rooney's Metatarsal in England.

lavenderblue said...

Uh Huh..............ffs

zola a social thing said...

Methinks our LavenderBlue needs a good communal bath after a match.

kyklops said...

Ack! Merkin, please accept my apologies for the lame comment I left last night (while heavily "under the influence"). It was meant as a joke, but looking at it today it seems more like gibberish. I usually fall asleep before things get out of hand...

Jose said...

Who knows? If Labour - or Torys for that matter, no difference - keeps power maybe he can get a peerage for money. After all he will be getting lots of it after he writes his memoirs.

Merkin said...

KyKlops - dinna fash yersel'

A guid auld Scots phrase meaning 'stay cool' (coming from the French verb facher=to worry).

Drunk in charge of a keyboard were we?
Not the first to have been on this site and not the last, I am sure.
Actually, I thought you had raised the tone of the thread !!
Shows you how much I know.

Jose, you hit it on the head - there is no difference between the parties in Britain and Blair will not be stuck for cash.
Can anyone think of a suitable title for the miserable worm?
'Sheikh Bliar of Baghdad' is too obvious.

Zola, there is nothing at all I can say about LavvyBloo and her ablutions that is not actionable.

zola a social thing said...

Is "Bran" A Scottish word?

Merkin said...

My friend in Bergen supported Bran