Monday, 6 August 2007



trousers said...

Damn. Particularly shocking after the last photo and all that was implicit.

Merkin said...

Problem was the last one was only a reconstruction by the Beeb - but it was bad enough.
This one is the real unholy mess that it actually was.
Points still stand - the killers that did this are still roaming our streets and are accountable to no-one.

Jose said...

Shame on the laws that permit this to happen.

lavenderblue said...

This country, this world are
at war'.
Sad,so sad, that an innocent man has been mown down.
What would you all be saying now, behind your net curtains, had he NOT been innocent ?
And had had a 'suicide bomber pack '?
Well,I think you would ALL be screaming for blood.
Sacrilege !
Innnocent people killed !
WHY are we paying rates etc etc......
In a situation , highly tense, emotive ,kill or be killed ,a 'suspicious person',although not in this case, what would YOU have done ?
Seen if he did have a 'bomb'..
Too late then, mother fuckas too late...then come the recriminations..........IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEALT WITH etc etc.

There are no winners , only losers........DEAL WITH IT> OK.

contratroll said...

"A police source said: 'There is no way those three guys would have been on the train carriage with him [de Menezes] if they believed he was carrying a bomb. Nothing he did gave the surveillance team the impression that he was carrying a device.''

"Leaked evidence
In one of the leaked documents, said to be a statement from one of the police surveillance team, the witness describes hearing shouting - including the word "police".

The statement says Mr Menezes stood up and advanced towards the witness and armed police.

He adds: "I grabbed the male in the denim jacket by wrapping both my arms around his torso, pinning his arms to his side."

He said he pushed the man back into his seat.

It was only after he had restrained him that he heard a gun shot. "


We are at war according to those for whom it would suit us to be at war. But. At war against what, exactly?

I dont live in a country that is at war.

sir ian blair said...

an interesting position from lavenderblue...

it's OK to execute anyone they feel like in public, lie about it afterwards and erase videotapes on the basis that they 'might' be dangerous?

the police followed JCdM for over half an hour before killing him and transcripts of their conversations show that they knew he wasn't carrying anything

so why did they shoot him?

Merkin said...

Well said, Sir Ian.
Unfortunately, Dearest Lavender is buying into the 'better one innocent shot rather than........'
Same as 'one rapist caught means that DNA database is worthwhile'
Strange that the DNA database will never catch the ones who rape 'hot teens' in Iraq.
As soon as we use 'conditionals' as a justification we are well on the route to perdition.
Because, then you can justify anything.

lavenderblue said...