Wednesday, 26 September 2007

It was not me it was my food

'Sorry.....a wee boy done it and ran away'

This is the Motto of The Clunking Fist and his party of sheeple.
Bruno was not really involved in Iraq - it was all the fault of Blair.
Bruno was not Chancellor for ten years and the Northern Wreck Fiasco was not anything to do with him.
I am not suggesting that Our Dave or Ming the Merciless would be any more willing to shoulder responsibility, but Bruno was 'shoehorned' into power much to the disgust of the millions who never wanted him anywhere near the reins of power.

That these sheeple have no shame is something that is expected.
That the people of the UK and US allow them to continue in power is a shame on all of us.

PS the links are worth following up.

One is from Stef's site and explains how the Northern Wreck was insolvent for a while before the 'credit crutch'.
Other one is from the Graun about Bruno lying through his teeth (the newly whitened and straightened)


Stef said...

Looking on the bright side, the political process is now so f^cked up and unrepresentative it's getting harder and harder to pretend that it isn't.

Which is a start

Merkin said...

I, for one, feel distinctly uncomfortable in this country.
Maybe it is just me, but when I came back after the better part of 10 years away I saw things in a very black and white way - and not for the better.
To even ask the question 'just what has gone wrong?' confronts you with some dreadfully unwelcome suggestions.
Still, that is the way it is.
Next move?

trousers said...

Nah, it's not just you merkin. I've read many similar opinions from people who have been away and come back.