Sunday, 7 October 2007

Scary Stuff

Which of these two individuals is more scary?
Which of these is more dangerous for your health?

One of them is a former WBA Heavyweight Champion who used to be known as The Beast From The East.
The other truly hideous individual is Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs - one of Dubbya's senior advisers.
This senior advisor to Georgie 'pants on fire' Bush recently told a group of British MPs that 'I hate all Iranians'.

Given that this is the American Chief Whip charged with keeping the 'Coalition of Imperialists' together, we should be very scared about the inevitability of the attack on Iran.
At this very minute in boot camps up and down the country we can hear the chanting of the underprivileged who make up the bulk of the Terrorising forces.

'We will fight for Uncle Sam
We wanna kill an Eye-Rain-Knee-Anne'

So, just who wins the Scary Monster prize, in your opinion?


trousers said...

No contest. Scary as hell, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anything to do with Bush is worse than anything else every time.