Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Odious Christina Odone

Christina Odone is a truly odious character.
In her Observer article today, she once again uses the McCann saga to push her somewhat warped view of The World.

She goes a whole step further, though, in making two comparisons.
Firstly, with Joanne Lees (of the Falconio murder) and, secondly, with Mersault (from L'etranger by Camus).

In the case of Joanne Lees she says '...Lees found herself a murder suspect. It didn't matter that she had been raped, tied up...'

Well, it's a lie.

(As was pointed out 'if she had been (raped) then the difficulties the prosecution had in proving the DNA evidence would have fallen away').

I am sure that Ms Odone was not thinking of the stress caused to the Lees Family who may just read The Observer of a Sunday.

She was only interested in fabricating something in support of her case.

At the very least she should offer an apology to Miss Lees.
She won't.
Ms. Odone has been caught telling porkies before and even had to chutzpah to spin the story into a Guardian article.

The second comparison she made this time was between Mersault and Kate McCann.
Maybe, she hasn't read the book.

Mersault actually was the murderer.


szwagier said...

Never had any time for Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Odone. Still less now.

Merkin said...

Exactly my thoughts.
The point is that this a lady who poses as the essence of morality yet she has no qualms about lying through her teeth when it suits her.

That she thought no-one would pick up such an obvious lie is also astounding.

The Guardian article disappeared from the main listings immediately I pointed out the lie - it could then only be accessed through the Contibutor Profile.
I wonder how long till it does a John Reid posting and disappears from the pages of history?.

zola a social thing said...

George W Bush read Camus.
He admitted to it one recent summer.

Merkin said...

'George W Bush read Camus.
He admitted to it one recent summer.'

I feel my IQ slipping as I read that.

zola a social thing said...

Anyway thought you were banned!!!!!
Shame on you.

Merkin said...

Aha, my goodfriend The Boldscot is banned for making a comment about Mark Oaten, but I am ok.
It is only a matter of time though.
Truth leads to increasing censorship in The Graun.

zola a social thing said...

Truth leads into "closure"?
Damn it man any good capitalist knows that.
One-Dimensional...... "society".
Sori : just got one of me turns coming on agin.

lavenderblue said...

is the the right place fot the Odone Layer.........or am I still in the 'girlie quarter ' hmmmmmmmmm

Barnacle Bill said...

I often think the female of the species is the nastier of the two sexes - Ms. Odone proves the point!