Friday, 26 October 2007

A Very Birrittish Show Trial

I received my Guardian Podcast by email.
It contained some interesting stuff.

'In the second of his video reports for Guardian Unlimited, Clancy Chassay finds Palestinian militants in Gaza using Google Earth to locate targets in Israel for rocket attacks.'

The video shows Resistance fighters in 'Palestine' setting off rockets bound for the occupation forces.
I immediately wiped it off my computer lest I be mistaken for someone giving aid and assistance to terrorists.
Now, I have frequently spoken out against terrorism whether State sponsored or not.
I don't do bombs. Simple as that.
However, I can certainly understand the views of Cherie Blair with regard to Kamikaze tactics.

Mohammed Siddique is a stupid arsehole, that is for certain, but he did not deserve 8 years for his immaturity.
If I had received a stretch every time I have been an arsehole I would still be sitting there with the rest of the population.

His Lawyer has been reported for Contempt of Court as a result of statements he made after the verdict was announced.
I am sure many people would agree with him that this was a politically motivated prosecution rather than anything related to making Britain a safer place.

The trial was started at the time of 'the bomb that never was' at Glasgow Airport and finished at the anniversary of 9/11.
How convenient. Brown has his British terrorist from North of the border.

One of the Crown witnesses was the host of an anti-Muslim website - a site containing images of exactly the stuff the accused is said to have accessed.

'A computer disc found hidden under a carpet during the raid contained horrific images, including Islamic extremists looting the body of a dead US serviceman.'

'These files contain terrorist propaganda, particularly emanating from al Qaida, glorifying terrorism - especially suicide bombing.'

Today I watched a programme on History Channel.
At one point, they showed a video of a resistance fighter in Afghanistan firing a rocket at a plane.

Who was he firing at, the Yanks or the Russkies? Dunno.

The absurdity of the Law is shown by the following :

Presumably, if the plane he was shooting at was American I could be lifted, if I pass it on, but not if he is shooting at a Russian plane.
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

Such is the moral degeneracy of the so-called War on Terror.

I saw an Army Information Film which could easily have been described by The Trial Judge like this :

'.......designed to encourage people to commit such acts of terrorism and promote the recruitment of English-speaking, mainly British nationals, to the cause of Operation Big Oil.'

Extra :

I have just watched the BeeB news report of the latest Terror Trial in London.
The evidence included videos of the accused receiving 'military training'.
One particular 'forward roll movement' was claimed as being a favourite of the insurgents.
If you were to go to your local Karate club tonight, I can assure you that you would see the ordinary people of Britain being taught this very same movement.
I have taught this to classes frequently.

Spinning of the evidence in a criminal trial.


zola a social thing said...

Damn it I think I will join the Girl Guides.
A joke yes?
Trouble is me Merkyboy you are so close to a few things that ....
but a nice post, wonderful,wow and all that from the boggers united.

Fact is solidarity is a tricky thing. When 13000 nurses in Finalnd all agree to quit unless government keeps promises then,,,,, then.... when push comes to punch how many will remain?

Glass pink gins anyone?

Liked your post I did.

Merkin said...

Solidarnosc, as they say in Poland.

szwagier said...

cracking post, Merkin. I agree with every word.

Merkin said...

Thanx for the nice thoughts.
If you follow the links you will see what the Lawyer for the accused said.
Basically, this guy got lifted for doing the sort of research that thousands of us have been forced to do since the MSM relinquished responsibility for telling the truth.
The Net has allowed us to do our own research into the truth of the lies that we are fed.
The Government hates that w can do this and this Show Trial was, at least in part, the first passing shot across the bows of bloggerdom.

Merkin said...

Well maybe not the first passing shot, but a shot nonetheless.

szwagier said...

I note from the report on Cherie Blair's thoughts that the Israeli embassy said, "No political grievance could justify 'targeting of civilians for political gain'".

I wonder if they've mentioned that to their government.

szwagier said...

BTW, I should also say that although I couldn't care less for CB, there's something far wrong when

a) she gets pilloried for stating the bleeding obvious, and

b) in fact she gets pilloried for saying something she didn't say.

Merkin said...

Hear, hear, Swagman.