Monday, 21 January 2008

The WolfMcCann Strikes Again.

Oooooops, I have a problem.
I pressed the wrong button and got my photos mixed up.
Who can help me?
There are photos of the saviour of Latin America, photos that Our Clarence says prove that the McCanns didn't kill their daughter by accident and a photo of a jig-saw puzzle. There are probably a few Labour politicians in the seventies gear there, too.
The Wolfie Centurion is there to muddy the water in approved and time honoured McCann fashion.
Please email everyone you know and ask for help for me.


Loser said...

You are one sad individual.

Stef said...

No, there are at least two of us

penisinveniceonholiday said...

I am too sad individual

Stef said...

I wish my penis was on holiday in venice

Merkin said...

Thank you 'loser', aren't I just.
Thank you Stef, aren't we just.

Penis convention in Venice.
Is it party conference time already?

Shhh, Stef, don't tell the wife.

Nell said...

I was worried to see that Bob has struck again...

Lucas said...

Nell, you are a dodgy character - you have no profile - could you be part of the scam, I wonder?.

anticant said...

You've no doubt noticed that the McCanns are now putting themselves up for auction between Oprah and some other American female television hack to "bare their souls" in front of the cameras for $1 million plus to replenish their 'find Maddie' fund, which has 'dwindled' to a mere £500,000.