Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Vulcan Stole My Posting

I followed the Graun recommendations yesterday and took a look at John Redwood's internet diary.

Of course, I was excited beyond measure by the promise of 'incisive and topical campaigns and commentary on today's issues and tomorrow's problems'.
The article was entitled 'Time to get a grip on loans to Northern Rock'.

Good start.

I read the comments. Very good.
Then, I had a thought - why should we discuss within their ideology?
So, I asked a question.

'Northern Rock has been insolvent for some time.
Mr Applegarth sold his shares ‘just in time’.
Would a Conservative government look into this type of insider trading?'

I copied the post, including the legend :

Merkin Scot on 22 Jan 2008 at 1:18 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Next morning I checked for answers as to why they should allow Applegarth to 'do a runner'.

I was vaporised.
I was non-existent.
I didn't register in the conversation.

Why should this be?

Members interests :
'Audley European Opportunities Master Fund Ltd and its feeder funds (non-executive); investment company.
Non-executive chairman of Pan Asset Capital Management Ltd; an investment advisory company.'
Now we know, everything.
He is as far up the corporate arse of fiat money as anyone.
Don't think so.

Can anyone fill in the dotted lines?

* Update *

Email from John Redwood MP on 22/1/08 :

'I am not posting your comment, as there is no evidence of insider dealing, and the authorities assert that Rock is solvent. Your comments could result in legal aciton. Thanks for writing in.'

Nice to see that typos are not the preserve of the poor bloggers alone. Unless 'aciton' is a peculiarly Vulcan form of retribution, that is.



jailhouselawyer said...

Feel free to steal my photoshop of the Vulcan with added bits on the ears...

Merkin said...

Searched, big man, and couldn't find anything decent.

Merkin said...

And thanks for the thought..

Stef said...

Some clues as to what's going on to be found here maybe

Merkin said...

Thank you. I will look at the Torygraph in a new light after that link.

george said...

I think he meant that HE could be subject to legal action as a result of publishing an arguably libellous statement on his blog. I don't think he was threatening you. Mind you, that still doesn't make him a nice guy.

Merkin said...

George, I should co-co.