Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Debauch the Currency? Did it years ago, Bruno.

I debased the currency.
No arguments about that.
I did it with my father.
No Rothschilds in abeyance.
It a was simple.
We took a drill and bored a hole in a 'penny'.
We took a piece of elastic and passed it through the hole.
The other end of the elastic we pinned to the inside of my duffel coat.
Went to school.
Showed the penny to my classmates.
'I can make it disappear - for some pineapple chunks - anyone fancy a bet?'
Not many takers. Enough though.
Abracadabra etc, and released the penny which then shot into my armpit.
Got a good few pineapple chunks and a few Kola Cubes, too.
Even got a Bar Six from someone who fancied his chances.

In later years, I had a go at learning the real conjuring arts from my father.
He had been a pupil of Marshall Wilson who, in turn, had been a pupil of The Great Cagliostro.
Gave it up in favour of guitar, having seen that everything can be an illusion.
Especially, chicks on stage.

No matter.
I should have been a politician having learnt some of the tricks.
How to debase being the most important.

More to follow, I am sure.

PS the guy who bet the 'Bar Six' is now a famous politician in my country.


zola a social thing said...

If you had played conkers you might have turned out to be a solid citizen and it would have been safer.
You have clearly been enchanted by elastic and chicks on stage.
Do chicks knickers still have elastic I ask. Do they?

Stef said...

Forget about Bar Six have you seen what The Man has been doing to Quality Street lately?

Victory V's are are still available though


Stef said...

and yes, our money is as fucked as a packet of Opal Fruits

Merkin said...

Well Stef, I had the pleasure of working for that grocery giant in the early eighties.
What a bunch of fraudsters, then headed by an ex-gestapo man - the only person ever to have recovered from Parkinsons disease, apparently.

Zola, you are right, the world would be a very different place if I had stuck to conkers.

Pixie said...

Bar Six, comes along with the same memories as Tiffin.
Victory V's have never been the same since they took the ether out of them.They were great then!

But I'm probably missing a point here!!!!