Monday, 9 June 2008

The 'International Community' does not include Me

The International Community is posturing over a number of events relating to Iran, Zimbabwe, Burma or some other unfortunate people on a daily basis.
The Grand Old Dame of Fife in his efforts to look macho feels the need to lie down legs in the air to satisfy Bush and Co.
Soon, we can expect to see the EU, speaking with one voice under Blair, calling for more Liberal Intervention without as much as by-your-leave to the people who supply the canon fodder for these mad adventures.

The following was originally posted on the, now defunct, site hosted by Mr Pike Bishop.
Looking over it I can see that 18 months on things don't change much.

'Dear Agony Aunt, how can I become part of the International Community?

Spent a long time abroad. I was part of the International Community.
Lots of Cockney barrow boys, lots of Yanks, lots of Froggies, lots of other foreigners.
One time we counted 13 different nationalities in the local pub - all speaking English.
Came back here. Found that I was no longer part of the International Community.

"Once again North Korea has defied the will of the international community, and the international community will respond,"

Aha. Now I know.

'"But the international community is running out of time because soon its own credibility in terms of enforcing its own resolutions will be (...) a matter of question," said Rice, who is pressing for sanctions.'

(The Straw Man picked a babe; looks wonderful in a sheer veil and cilice, I bet.)

Then I saw that Hazel Blears was the one in command for that day. 'Android of the Year' award to follow.
' One of those factors is supporting the rest of the international community to tackle terrorism.'

Please help me, I didn't say any of these things but my Government has said them for me.
What can I do?
Is there any hope for me, I appear to be dis-enfranchinternationalcommunitised.
There is no hope. Or, is there?.
Well, yes and no.
There is no hope when we leave it to our 'elected' leaders. They are going to do what they want regardless of our wishes.
On the other hand, our Little International Community functioned quite well without the interference of Politicians.
It included some Koreans (they loved whisky) as well as an Iranian (he loved the local chicks and I really enjoyed going 'round for round' with him as he didn't drink alcohol).
I lived with an American Quaker lassie and my best buddy was a Yankee who made MisterD seem positively wishy-washy pinko.
We even had an unfortunate guy, with 'bad stomach' problems, who was known as 'The Japanese Sniper'.
(You can't see him but he is deadly at 500 paces).
Yet another motley crew. Fine.
Point is that that we managed to come to equilibrium without resorting to threats or sanctions or actual attacks.
Is it too much to ask our government to speak with us before acting on our behalf?.
Or, is International agreement only possible for us people who don't know any better?.'


Domain Names 4 Sale 24-7 said...

How does one join the 'International Community'? Are dues involved? Is there a fine if a meeting is missed? Or am I missing something in the message? Good read! mc

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Merkin said...

It is always nice to see a visitor from Maine, bearing in mind that some of my family were on the 6th boat out of Plymouth and eventually ended up there.

Maybe one day I will get there for the annual clambake.

In the meantime, any blog fans are welcome to see where the GOP gets its support.
Not a pretty sight. LOL.

zola a social thing said...

Ask Donald Trump.

Merkin said...

Donald trump is not for the International Community, he is for the gated community.
The only foot wrong Salmond has made, so far.

Dr Johnson.Inc said...

How many feet doth a Scottish Salmon really have?

bozzie said...

As the good Doctor pointed out, however many feet a Scottish Salmon has, they will be lured onto the road leading to England...

snp-er said...

Unless, of course, it is a Scottish Salmond.

Merkin said...

Salmond has found his plaice mainly because the ZanuLab Party has been so dire.

zola a social thing said...

Smells like Hull to me.

Irish traveller said...

Ethiopia is a better bet for Brits.

TheJapSniper said...

Good article apart from one bit.

TheJapSniper said...

Good article apart from one bit.

Anonymous said...

Good article apart from one bit.

Nicholas Witchell said...

Isn't using the term 'IC' a bit like Lizzie von Windsor using the royal we? Is that what you mean?

butwhatif said...

Oops. I've just read the post before this one. So I best declare: it wasn't Nicholas Witchell making the last point - if you can call it that - it was me. And Nicholas Witchell is now in Iraq, not Windsor. Is that promotion or demotion?

Merkin said...

Well, BWI, what I object to is the IC -whatever that is - being hi-jacked in support of the policies of, essentially, the US. So, yes, it is a sort of Royal We.
Furthermore, the IC is seen as being the arbiter of right and wrong. Bearing in mind that we have never been asked to vote on a common EU foreign policy I don't see how someone like Mandelson can be said to speak for me.

zola a social thing said...

All sound queer to moi.

paul said...

Hazel Blears herself, as Secretary of State for Communities , should be able to clear all this up

Merkin said...

Nice to see you Paul.
Now would that be the same Hazel Blears who looks like Alkie-Ada?