Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Russell Brand, Ponce or Nonce?

The Guardian, Comment is Free

Oct 28 08, 12:07am

'I would never get tired of punching Russell Brand'

That's all I said. Nine words.

I got towards 100 recommends and, more importantly, NOT ONE comment which said that my wish to protect a 78 year old pensioner was in some way disproportionately vocalized.

Far from it, there was actually support in other CiF blogs.

'If anyone gives either of them a right good seeing to it would be as much as they deserve.
Having said that, to abuse anyone never mind a 78 year old pensioner is deplorable.

To do it for money is even worse.

Recommended (101)'

And rightly so.

There is no reason to phone up elderly people and abuse them 'for fun'.
That 'for fun' mentality results in a lot of cats and dogs with fireworks up their arses on Guy Fawkes Night.
That 'for fun' was even 'the Abhu Graib excuse' for some defendants.

I digress. Nine words.

Then, I was moderated - about 15 hours after posting!

My comment on CiF doesn't exist now.
Disappeared into the black hole of Orwellian history.

However, it does exist in the collective memory of those who agreed with me.

Perhaps I should have said : 'Russell Brand is an arrogant ponce who gets kicks from making dirty phone calls in order to bully other people'.

My family was on the receiving end of similar nonce calls at one point and, believe me, it was very distressing for those targeted.

Will Brand get his collar felt for this offence (people have been put on the sex offenders register for similar offences to his)?

No, he'll get a pay rise for bringing in extra publicity.


Anonymous said...


anticant said...

As you know, I refrain on principle from posting comments on the Guardian's ludicrously mis-named "Comment is Free" site because of their arbitrarily PC censorship policy.

I had never heard of [or happily overlooked] Russell Brand before this unsavoury brouhaha, but I always instantly switch off when the ghastly Jonathan Ross pops up on my tv screen.

Let's hope both of them are permamently absent from now on.

As for menacing people, how about scrapping Hallowe'en?

zola a social thing said...

You should have said that you would never get tired fucking Russell Brand.
Because he does all the work necessary himself.

Merkin said...

I have just heard on the BBC news that some of the various heads o department were 'on holiday' at the time.

Seems like the Head of Nuisance Calls was the only one available to allow it.

Well said, Zola and Anti.

anticant said...

He should be flogged, not fucked. I see that the young lady [?] in question - who apparently belongs to a group calling themselves "Satanic Sluts"[!] - says "yes she did the deed, but it shouldn't have been used against her grandpa".

Neither should it have escalated into a national crisis involving the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Director-General of the BBC.

What a utterly barmy country we live in. Lucky Zola!!

Anonymous said...


Cait O'Connor said...

Well said Merkin, yuo make some really good points here and thanks for your support for my comment on Edward's blog.

Merkin said...

Thanx for popping in Cait.
It was to meet you on Rotwatch.


I do warn you though that the denizens of this dark Hole In The Net can be ' highly crude, insulting, lewd, cruel, unfunny, etc etc etc' (where appropriate).

No bullying allowed, however (unless it is our ceaseless attack on hypocritical politicians).

Welcome to pop back anytime - especially with a poem.
Would bring a bit of culture here, finally.

Our residents don't normally do poetry, but some of them obviously have ancestors from one of the bad housing schemes of Limerick.

In particular they don't seem to like :

People from Gwent, Vicars, Crewe, Popeye, Broon and a host of other dictionaric characters, real or virtual.

Pen at your peril.

Merkin said...

It was NICE to meet you on Rotwatch.

anticant said...

I have nothing against Popeye. I love spinach. And I know some saucy limericks about the Lady from Crewe [and knew dear old Gwyneth Dunwoody].

zola a social thing said...

"Nice to meet you ..."
To meet you nice.
Bugger me Merkin is getting into a Bruce baby now.
Does he want to get into celebrity games too.
I have got yer phone number.

Merkin said...

Nothing wrong with game shows per se.

I used to love 'Beat the Clock' on Sunday Night at The Palladium.

(I was only three at the time, must be said).

By Order : No limericks about Dunwoodie

aged warrior relaxes said...

Did you notice !
Anticant wrote the w.rd FUCK.
See above in the posts.
Oh My God what next.

Cathy comes home said...

Yes I did.
All my faith is now lost.
However we will now market a voodoo doll (with pins attached) to profit from this experience.

Edward said...

You go,Merkin. The Guardian's CiF pages are really badly moderated - worse than the BBC's Have Your Say.

Merkin said...

Zola : Anticant swear?

Never been heard of : http://tinyurl.com/24q8hx

Edward, I never go to Have Your Say, now.

As soon as I log on my computer starts spewing heads of garlic at my fangs.
Very messy.