Monday, 6 October 2008

The Three Caballeros - Merkel, Sarkozy and Bruno

Earlier, I sent a mention to Barnacle Bill on his excellent blog (something about European solidarity).
It set me thinking.

'Oh, through fair
and stormy weather
We're always together
So let come what may
The three caballeros
Forever we'll stay'

Only a few days ago, we heard Ms Merkel stress that guaranteeing deposits was not the way to go.
Bruno said 'no unlimited guarantees' and 'led' the moves towards a piffling fund for small businesses that could easily be covered by a single parachute bonus to a failed banker.
Sarkozy also said that the EU must stick together - yet on Thursday guaranteed “not a single depositor will lose a single Euro because a financial establishment turns out to be unable to fulfil its obligations”.

It did not take long for this show of solidarity to show its ugly face :

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Germany became the latest, and by far the biggest, European country to explicitly guarantee the deposits in banks held by their citizens, in a move announced Sunday.

As I write, Bruno is trying to get the spin together to explain exactly why Darling Alastair will shortly be announcing something similar for the Brits.

Of course, The Three Gay Caballeros could equally apply to the re-birth of the Prince of Darkness being 'joined at the hip' with Gay Gordon (and a Middle Man or two).

We're Three happy chappies
with snappy sarapes
You'll find us beneath our sombreros
We're brave and we'll stay so
We're bright as a peso
Who says so, we say so
We're three caballeros

So, Mandelson has been back at the side of the PM for only 3 days and already the wheels are falling off another wagon on the euro-train.

'Way to go' as they say across the pond.


put that to musak and we will all be rat said...

You aint seen nothing yet,
Dumb dumb,
b..b..b.blairoes ...........

zola a social thing said...

Sweden is neutral as always but still agree that Germany is the best deal in town.

anticant said...

Well, it was a much earlier [Old] Labour Chancellor, the egregious Dr "With a Song in My Heart" Dalton, who blithely said that "money is a meaningless symbol".

Bond said...

Money is but a symbol.
Meaningless it aint.

Merkin said...

Wasn't it Neddy Seagoon who paid with a photo of a five pound note?

Seems they got it right all those years ago.

Prince Charlie boy said...

Told you so.

Charles said...

Never mind the weather
As long as we are together
We are off to see the Wild-West Show.

Butch Boo said...

I love your blog name!! Fantastic!


Merkin said...

Nice to see you BB, this is an equal opportunities scandal sheet and all are welcome.
Do pop in again!