Saturday, 4 October 2008

Maverick caught bang to rights.

Who is the tall, dark stranger there?
Maverick is the name.
Ridin’ the trail to who knows where,
Luck is his companion. Gamblin’ is his game.

John McCain rode to the rescue of the mighty Dollar - or did he?

Worth looking at is 'The bizarre tale of how the media turned a crooked Republican into the mirage of a principled politician.'

Is there a possibility that the reason Brown and Bush have acted without regard for the wishes of the majority in recent years is that they know there is piss all we can do about it.?

Reports tell us that, in America, the threat of Martial Law (perhaps more than a threat) was used to cajole politicians into voting for 'The Bailout' which legalises the largest robbery in history.

I accept that Martial Law in Congressional terms is different to the notion of having soldiers on the streets imposing a curfew, but the slippery slope is being tilted as we speak.

That The Bailout can't work is pretty obvious and difficult times will continue.
Difficult enough to suspend the electoral process in the US and the UK?

Doggone it, darn right, you betcha bottom dollar on a hockey mom's cotton socks.


B said...

i said i would call in!

will be back *waves*

Merkin said...

Hi pal, thanx for popping in.
Sorry, the place is empty at the moment.

Usually a bit livelier but we are in difficult times all round.

See ya, 'b'.

weatherman said...

" piss all we can do about it" ?

Close but no bananas.

To get a banana say :-
"piss all we will do about it."

zola a social thing said...

B : you got that right.
"Waves" and "back waves".

It is called a clapotis.

When the orginal wave breaks towrds the shore it is met by the wave that went before.

Bit like an eruption.

Best not get caught on the top of this unless you can eskimo roll.

health and safety director said...

All bloggers must prove competence in the esimo roll.

Merkin said...

And just who is responsible for this financial tsunami?

ukraine observer said...

Dam it Merkin it is YOU.
You make waves.

Surfing waves should be a "subject" for the National Curricularrrrr - that is in places like USA..ic.ic.rr