Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Clunking Hypocrite - As Usual.

Gaza has been under siege for a number of years and, now, a Final Solution seems to be in sight with a full invasion by the IDF.
Will it be any more successful than the attacks on Falluja or South Ossetia or the attempts to kill the Roma in Auschwitz?

Well no, but they will still have had assistance, from a well known Son of the Manse, in the spin war.

Craig Murray said it exactly right :

'Gordon Brown Is a Murderous Two Faced Cunt'

Brown is appeasing domestic horror at the Israeli massacre in Gaza by calling for a ceasefire. Meanwhile British diplomats on the United Nations Security Council are under direct instructions to offer "tacit support" to United States' efforts to block a ceasefire.

I have been told this directly by a former colleague in the UK Mission to the United Nations.

Now, you may say 'this is politics, of course they lie'.

More fool you, eventually.



zola a social thing said...

There is also the third "other".

giddens said...

did you mean the "other turd"?

Merkin said...

My disgust knows no bounds.