Wednesday, 7 January 2009

MTFC - Gordon Brown, Son of the Manse

Barnacle Bill always refers to Mr Brown as OGUL - Our Glorious Unelected Leader.

Just fine.

Gordon Brown has 'picked up' a few nicknames along the way.

Gay Gordon

The Clunking Fist

The Fisting Clunk

The Fifeshire Feartie

All of these have some merit, I am sure.

However, after the latest bout of hypocrisy over the attack on the Ghetto in Gaza, I will never think of him as any less than MTFC.

The Final Solution in Gaza will never happen - but that does not absolve him of responsibility for helping those who would oppress the Palestinians - and us.

Perhaps NIKE should sponsor him - for once an appropriate choice.


zola a social thing said...

What have elections got to do with it?

Merkin said...

Not very much, I think.

s Avi Shlaim said :

'Eight months before launching the current war on Gaza, Israel established a National Information Directorate. The core messages of this directorate to the media are that Hamas broke the ceasefire agreements; that Israel's objective is the defence of its population; and that Israel's forces are taking the utmost care not to hurt innocent civilians. Israel's spin doctors have been remarkably successful in getting this message across. But, in essence, their propaganda is a pack of lies.'

Stef said...

MTFC is good

GILF is OK also

though not literally

Merkin said...


GILF is good?

Not literally?

Now, normally I would say 'Stef, don't leave us in suspense' but do i really want to know?

Half and a half for the best translation of GILF.

(Zola, I mean one reindeer testicle and half of the Karelian peninsula, so don't get excited)

zola a social thing said...

Shrubbery -- so there.
I will not fall for these Merkin Management Training schemes that will try to motivate me into work.

Stef's Secretary said...

'Stef said...


It's like a MILF but with a Gordon'

zola a social thing said...

What is an MILF ?

Stef said...


Stef said...

not to be confused with


Stef said...

though I'd probably do him as well

Merkin said...

Thanks, Vicar.

Still, you did inspire a bit of poetry from the inestimable Zola.