Sunday, 15 February 2009

Oooooh, Gordon, a Transport of Delight.

Government Transport Policy has been as joined up as any other policy they have unveiled.
Push through a third runway at Heathrow - against all advice - and downgrade the replacement for HST into a hybrid that is completely revolutionery ie no-one has tried this before.

Worse still, the trains will be made, more or less, in Japan and put together here.

Now, the Japanese do know something about making trains.
They must be pissin' themselves laughing at us buying bitz'n'pieces of their leftover prototypes.

I said to Barnacle Bill 'Maybe the trains will have no floors a la Flintstones and the unemployed could be utilised in a green way'.

His reply?

'That might actually be an improvement on what NuLabor has ordered for us, and this country used to be the leading maker of trains!'

The Old Polish train at the top appears to be smiling.

I wonder why?



Barnacle Bill said...

Nice, now that is something to wake up to every day and be glad to go to work if you were the driver, mind you it would keep you fit being the fireman!
Take care.

Merkin said...

That particular train is,I think, on display near the town centre in Opole.

Don't know the history but I am sure there is some.

Merkin said...

Wookie has a very good series on trains.

Bodwyn Wook said...

Merkin, thanks for the tip-off on your Polish locomotive! Here's something I dug up on YouTube, documentary footage of the building of Heathrow, in 1946, back when flying was a class act and bums like me couldn't even afford tickets!

Jose said...

Perhaps, Merkin, those trains to come from Japan will be built by the same company that used to build trains in Britain, now thanks to globalisation working in Japan.

Ironies we must put up with these days.

Merkin said...

Very true, Jose.

Silent Hunter said...

Wot Ho Merkin!

Nice gaff you have here ! :o) Good to see you found us at politicalnewsblogs and have joined.

Did you see the new Steam Engine "Tornado"?

What a beauty.......and it runs almost as fast as one of the 'new' high speed trains.

Keep well and give my regards to all on Cif.

Merkin said...

Nice of you to pop in, SilentButDeadly, comment is well free on these pages.

Speak soon on :