Monday, 2 March 2009

Tony Blair nearly killed off The Merkin


I very nearly had a heart attack.

Impetuous as I may sometimes be, my impetuosity nearly had dire effect.

What caused this, you may ask?

'A flash mob of around 200 Palestinian figures has paid tribute to Tony Blair, the much loved creator of . . . . .'

While I was busy shouting for all around to administer, CPM, whisky and smelling salts, my - by now - barely roving eye managed to focus once again on the headline that was killing me.


It actually read :

'A flash mob of around 200 Plasticine figures has paid tribute to Tony Hart, the much loved creator of . . '

Lucky escape.

(until, Our Tony becomes European President, that is.)



zola a social thing said...

This is exactly the type of thing that breaks ITN broadcasting.
Merkin shame on you.

Merkin said...

I know no shame - you should know that by now.

Jose said...

And on top of that he has been paid for what he did(not?).


Edward said...

It would have been a great shame if Tony Hart's small plasticine man, which has withal more integrity in each molecule than Tony Blair has in his entire steaming carcase, had been the cause of Merkin's demise. Luckily you live to blog another day.

Merkin said...

Lucky indeed, Edward.

Pity we can't morph Gordon into something resembling a decent PM.