Thursday, 9 April 2009

Aren't Our Police Medics Wonderful?


Wonder if this was the same medic who 'attended' to Mr Tomlinson?

Of course, we will never find out because the Inquest will eventually be held in secret under new laws designed to cover-up such things.

Looking at this new video reminds me very much of my days teaching karate : note the stance and the deliberate lunge which are taught from day one to be automatic.

Friday update :

Anticant was quite correct to point out the obfuscation in extremis carried out by the chairman of the IPCC and his link is most helpful.

As the interviewer points out, the assailant acted immediately after being instructed by a senior police officer.

Truly shocking to surmise that he was given a direct order to attack.



Bodwyn Wook said...

The guy is an absolute ass & a halfwit! You do NOT flail that way with a nightstick, it's way too easy for the slob you're trying to whack to get clear. You poke and thrust and jab with it I said, a complete f-ck and probably NOT a dab hand as a medic either!

I AM a complete cli-toris
...and I'm the new boy
on the force!"

(Sorry for the "sexism," but it's just the thing to PO and wind up these police he-men...of all genders!)

anticant said...

You have probably seen from these links posted on Craig Murray's blog that the CCTV cameras weren't working:

How convenient!

The entire Channel Four interview with the chairman of the IPPC was a masterpiece of defensive obfuscation. There would have been no IPPC criminal investigation if that Wall Street fund manager [no less!] hadn't taken his video footage.

At the very least the Opposition, if it has any real concern for civil liberties, will demand the repeal of the recently introduced laws making it an offence to photograph a policeman.

And what will Mayor Boris Cli-toris have to say?

Merkin said...

Thanks for the link, Anti.

Wookie, no instruction in the proper use of violence to be allowed on this site (until further notice).

zola a social thing said...

Merkin me old : You really must understand the Nu-Labor way.
A "Modernised Medic" must first play a part in the cause of suffering before finding a bonus payment.

Get yer hair cut and get a good job.

Stef said...

someone's thinking what we're thinking

Merkin said...

Size is not everything, Steff.

(At this point I couldn't type any more as my nose was pressing the point of ultimate satisfaction on my keyboard)