Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dark Side of The Broon


Mr Brown's smear team apparently wanted to make comment about Mrs Osborne and her 'supposed' mental instability.
I think they managed another cock-up and were actually gossipping about MTFC's mental state.

No matter.

It was bad enough that JaquiBlue spoiled my memories of the Ozarks.

Now, the thought that I can never listen to Pink Floyd without getting the boke is almost enought to make me Shred my Collection.

Frank Field, even reopened the question of Brown's leadership, saying the party would have "a last chance" to look at the verdict of the country after the European elections in June. He claimed Brown had a dual personality, including "a dark side".

Including a Dark Side?

Is there no end to this iniquity?

Mr Tomlinson and the orders to beat the protest out of us.

The curious death of Jean Charles de Menezes

The curious deaths of Messrs Smith, Kelly and Stone

The curious 7/7 train (full of bombers) that never was

Tom Watson 'The Photographer' in the Sion Jenkins video

Now, whenever I think of The Fister and The Dinner Lady I will make sure my computer is cleared of all Ray Mears videos.
Better still, in view of the current debacle, I will have to remove 99 Red Non-Balloons (all of whom are on out on bail).

DarkSide Update : It seems that RedRag was registered from The House of Commons by someone giving his/her name as Ollie Cromwell.

If the name is false - and The Merkin rather supects that it is - why is Yates of The Yard not, at this moment, investigating this fraudulent declaration?

Could it be that he is too busy not investigating JacquiBlue's false declaration about her second home?

Could it be that he is too busy not investigating the false statements made by the chairman of the IPCC?

Could it be he is too busy not investigating the malfeasance of McBride and Watson?

Or, could it just be that he is too busy analysing the sugar sachets found through Operation Pathway to find out if there is a prima facie case for charging these (mostly) foreign nationals with theft from MacDonalds, Kentucky Fried and Pizza Hut?

You wanna smear with The Merkin?

Altogether now . . . . . .

'Always look on the Dark Side of The Broon, da da da da da dada da'



Anonymous said...

As was said elsewhere, perhaps the police have found a bun-making factory?

anticant said...

I liked the comment I saw on a blog that Jade Goody's campaign to bring smears into the open is proving ver successful.

Merkin said...

You wicked old Quurrant, said Zola.