Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness that is The Graun, yet again.

What did I do wrong?

I gave my opinion on Comment is Free.

Aha, but you know comment is not free on Comment is Free - at least if you mention certain subjects.

Subjects such as - the faux nature of the Crusade on Terror and subjects related.

Also happens if you link to some people who are personna such as Craig Murray.

Now, I am never sure whether the GIYUS cabal or the mods themselves are sufficiently exercised that we are descended into that black hole of Orwellian Nothingness.

See what you think.

MerkinOnParis; 26 May 09, 3:02pm

'Danny69 : 'MI5 left Siddique Khan and Shezad Tanweer alone.'

Nonsense. These guys were patsies for the security services.

People are starting to see through these 'terror plots'.

See below.

Worst Fake Terror Plot Ever?'

Disappeared without trace.

Wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Why do you bother posting in the crap Comment is Free?

The place is brimming full with Israel first (GIYUS) sorts, and an editorial policy to match it to boot.

MerkinOnParis said...

You may well be right, Mr Anon, but we must shout in the dark sometimes in order to bring in the light.

anticant said...

I don't think even a nuclear bomb would bring light into the impenetrable asinine darkness that The Guardian has become.

merkin said...

You are right, Anti.

Even tonight we are seeing that the comments section there is denying those and such as those any chance to comment.

Even those articles which have no comments on them !!!

sam_m said...

Keep on commentin' Merkin dude.

Merkin said...

Thank you ,Sam.

If you check Orwellian Nothingness in the search box you will find previous form for me - usually for innocuous comments that hit a particularly raw nerve in someone or other.

Having said that, I am getting hints about what subjects are just no-go.

Hemingstein in Cuba said...

The Old Man and the Sea.

Jose said...

Well, Merkin. Am sorry to have been absent for a time.

On the post, after all the media are owned by you know who and those feints at democracy and freedom of expression are nothing but that: feints.

Unfortunately we must live with it because we need much money to keep a newspaper- much more a tv channel-, unless commercials flow in in sufficient amount for the upkeep. But again ads are paid for by affluent corps and people. Who are continuously in fight against democracy.

A vicious circle, indeed.

Bodwyn Wook said...

This "terror war" hocuspocus is strictly for the low-IQs and it is a swindle on taxpayers, NOT by the "eternal Jew" or some BS like that, but instead by the universal curse of the objectively inferior "police personality."

Israel, alas, is an immense profound tragedy of History, and the latent antisemitism in Allied circle in letting these tortured people go there after WW II is a just another product of Nazi atrocity and murder.

The only solution is as Tom Segev and Edward Said often have pointed out is /equal/ rights in law for all who live in the place.

However, it is asking a lot of Jewish people to sit still after Hitler for being a minority ever again...anywhere. Time alone can help all this.

Be that as it may, the lower protestant moral orders in America, at least in fundamentalist circles, are ridden with Chosen People envy as a result of halbaked Bible "study," and these cretins keep throwing gas on the fire of insufficiently critical US support of Israel.

Merkin said...

As usual, Wookie, you say, in more than a few words, a lot more than I can say in even more words.

Keep it coming.

'Those of us who think that we are candles in the wind can be fortified by the fact that there are a few Bunsen Burners on the same side.'

I said that for Postman Patel.

Equally true for many of us.

(includes all our usual scoundrels)


In the meantime Wookie, I look forward to shooting BEAVER with you and Franken.

(Justa thought)

Jose said...

Yes, Wook, and those who know know how to handle those obtuse-mindeds.

As per figures given by the Jews themselves, numbers of Jews in the world are decreasing at the rate of approx 50,000 per year. A simple math operation will give us how many years are still to elapse because they have totally disappeared.

But, as always I have my reservations lest they try again to lie low away from ther sight of the rest of people.

And anyhow, as you know most of those living in Israel - Zionists - are not of Jewish descent, they are Khazars of Russian origin who decided to turn Jews because at the time it was the safer faith for them.

zola a social thing said...

Happy Birthday Merky Boy.

You can take away that wig now I know who you are.

zola a social thing said...

Happy birthday me Merkin Boy.

You do not need to wear yer wig anymore I know who you are.

Merkin said...

Well, Zo-Zo, as you can see from the photos I am well a stranger to hair on the head.

I may well post a photo of me in a wig but that will shoot my street cred to fuck.

Let me think about it.

anticant said...

"they are Khazars of Russian origin who decided to turn Jews because at the time it was the safer faith for them."

Yes - and a wonderful land-grabbing opportunity in Palestine had been handed to them on a plate by the asinine Balfour Declaration of 1917, which with consummate diplomatic dishonesty promised the impossible by stating that the Jews should have a National Home in Palestine, "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine".

How those who drew up this fatuous document ever seriously imagined it would not lead to endless Middle Eastern conflict beats me.

But it is interesting that the most weighty Foreign Office official of his day, Lord Vansittart, who knew all the chief actors in British politics personally, says in his memoirs that this was the only issue about which he ever observed the usually loftily detached Balfour to be fervently passionate.

Jose said...

I'd like, Anticant, to know how much the British Nation owed Baron Rothschild to bow to his demands, and if that sum was finally and ultimately settled or Israel started to exist in exchange for the huge debt.