Saturday, 11 July 2009



'A PASS-MARK TO PROTEST' was the title of the Guardian piece by Jonathan Myerson.

Perhaps, it should have been entitled A PASS-MARK TO COMMENT?

'merkinonparis's comment 11 Jul 09, 2:54pm (about 3 hours ago)

Heard it before on these pages.
Marcel Berlins seemed to think that only people who could appear on The Round Britain Quiz had the intellect to make an informed choice in an election.

As the good Lord S said : 'maybe these young guys had already decided you were a prat'.

'He's that guy with the dysfunctional family whose son used to sell us our weed'

Recommended (3)'

If you read the thread linked to you will see why Jonathan Myerson was so soundly trashed by the CiFers.

Nonetheless, my comment disappeared into that Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness that we have come to know and love.

As my father would say 'he has a couple of Ologies and a BAFTA or two yet he knows fuck all about nothing.'

Dysfunctional family?

You bet - and you can see why.

Update :

On a more serious note Mr Myerson should count himself lucky that when he approached these vulnerable truants he was not in Telford Town Park.
There the nanny state has decreed that 'all unaccompanied adults walking in Telford Town Park are potential paedophiles. As such, park wardens have been ordered to stop and interrogate anyone who is not accompanied by children'.

Officer : 'What was the nature of your contact with these children'?

Dogwalker ; 'Well, they were interested in my puppy so I asked them a probing question about the millennium development goals'

Officer : Lettsby Avenue.


DeadLetteDrop. said...

You should post this into the Guardian, Merky Boy.

zola a social thing said...

Better this than :-
" They were interested in my pussy".

Jose said...

At this pace one will not even look at children. In truth there are some who are better not looked at. Have you realised how children are being reared today?

Everything our parents taught us has gone down the drain.

Merkin said...

Zola, no Mrs Slocombe om these premises.

Jose, my dear departed mother went along to the local school because a well known actress was making an appearence at an event.

My mother took her camera with her.

She was asked to leave as none of her own grandchildren were present and the school authorities were worried that she would want to take photos of children!!

This is just another attempt by the government to place EVERYONE in a position where we can be criminalised.

anticant said...

We already ARE criminalised by being treated by this government and its minions as if we are all guilty until proved innocent. This is the latest instance:

Jose said...
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Jose said...

I wonder which type of brains these people have.

Merkin said...

I recommend Barnacle Bill - he had the right idea.

However, given his position it may be a tad seditious!

Barnacle Bill said...

Have a look at CSO Manchester on YouTube, worth a laugh but unfortunately very true of these "Jobsworth" we are getting in these positions!

Merkin said...

'CSO Manchester on YouTube'

Sad, but true.