Thursday, 16 July 2009

More Corruption in The Village (Argyll and Bute Style)

We have frequently mentioned the strange goings on this area.

Usual scoundrels are to the fore.

How about this one.

A local newspaper brought the following to my attention through a friend who is in the know.

This friend is a community council member and was surprised to find out that a new bridge had been suggested connecting his community to the mainland - at a 'public' consultation meeting to which this community council had not even been invited.

Very new labour - a so-called public meeting which no-one knew about.

Strange in itself.

When The Merkin went through the details that are, now, available we found something strange.
A report had been submitted which seemed to suggest that the people of Argyll and Bute would benefit from the proposed bridge from Ardentinny to the mainland.

Seemingly, this bridge would shave 30 miles off the 81 mile journey to Glasgow.
Supposedly, time would be saved.

Anyone looking at the map can see that this is a pipedream.
Dunoon to Glasgow via Glen Fruin?

Glen Fruin is lovely for a Sunday afternoon drive but the single track roads are hardly suitable for a major connecting road to open up a region that has been sadly neglected since The Yanks left.
The security areas are filled with ammunition dumps and other such restricted places and is perfectly suited to a new trunk road.


The Dunoon and Cowal Steering Group which is pushing this bridge is choc-full of the usual scoundrels.

One is of particular interest to this blog, having been part of a cabal which treats this area as being a personal fiefdom.

One council worker was fired on a trumped up charge after refusing to carry out unsafe work - off the books - which would benefit the political aspirations of a particular councillor.

A particular councillor was on the appeal committee which decided that this worker had mis-used council time and props.

This very same councillor came into the council offices this week and ordered the council workers to carry out work for him - again off the books - to benefit his cronies in a business deal.

This same councillor is, needless to say, one of the main protagonists in promoting a 'Bridge to Nowhere' which would only be of benefit to the navy rather than the locals - perhaps if the fast track housing development approved for Ardentinny is relevant.

Something strange going on here, don't ya think?

In times such as these everyone is a property speculator.

Some of these people couldn't even spell 'Parcel of Rogues'.

(I never said that, honest, and even if I did it is only 'fair comment' when it comes to Court).

Looking forward to it, already.

Update : sure there is lots more to follow - so, I will leave a space.


CouncillorMarshall. said...

Mr Marshall is not corrupt.
He has been a fine advocate for the rights of local people for many years.
Your suggestion is totally fake and I hope he takes you for everything you own.

Matheson Lane was mistakenly reported and nothing to do with Councillor Marshall.

zola a social thing said...

The longer it takes for a person to travel to Glasgow the better.

Jose said...

As we say here, they cook beans everywhere. Nothing different from what happens in Spain, which confirms that the human condition has no frontiers.

anticant said...

“Consultation” – New Labour style: There has recently been a fuss here in North London about a school which fingerprinted all its pupils without telling their parents, some of whom involved the local paper as a result of which the school head backtracked and said he would hold a consultation (although he didn’t think the system posed any risk, so he didn’t understand the objectors’ concerns).

He added: “We are convinced it is the right thing to do, but this is a consultation so we cannot preclude the outcome of the consultation otherwise it is not a consultation.”

Nanny Knows Best, as usual. Typical NuLabourspeak!

Jose said...

Where are they going to stop? What's the legal limit for these rogues, because I'm afraid gaol is not waiting for them given the also untoward attitude of the government.

But judges are there for something...

Merkin said...

Jose, liked the 'they cook beans everywhere' bit- that has already been passed on to another blogger as appropriate.

Zola, be sure the natives here do not necessarilly want closer connections with the drink tourism that a closer link with Glasgow would bring.

Anticant, 'consultation' and 'engagement' are debased as words by this government.
'Dancing on Ice' I now understand, fully.

anticant said...

Merkin - EVERYTHING is debased by this government.

Jose - Alas, the government is solidly behind this "child protection" paranoia - see:

The idiot in charge of this Stasi scheme was interviewed on the radio this morning. His 'justification' for it was that once any adult has been inside a school, they are familiar faces to the children, and therefore pose a potential threat if encountered elsewhere.

I personally would now never go anywhere near a school, still less help a small child to cross the street, for fear of being accused of "molesting" them. This is what these control freaks want - if all other adults (including parents) are effectively barred, they have total command of the childrens' formative years and thought processes.

These idiots' minds are filled with crazy bugaboos. They remind me of the lurid stories timid old ladies used to tell of pretty young girls being offered poisoned chocolates by strangers in cinemas, and waking up in a Buenos Aires brothel.

The overprotection children are subjected to these days turns them, of course, into asocial, uncontrollable, often thuggishly violent, teenagers.

I am thankful that much of my education was obtained not from school, but from family members and friendly adults, which is as it should be.

What sort of society is it when the government spends billions of our money sowing mutual distrust amongst he population?

Merkin said...

Anticant, well put.

zola a social thing said...

It is called "rationalisation" or the rule of techique by techique itself.

You see I am a person with no quality

Merkin said...

To the first poster I should point out that at no time did I mention the name of ANY councillor.

You may have an idea as to who I was referring to but I couldn't possibly comment on the veracity of any claims.