Monday, 27 July 2009

MTFC spits on your grave


This excellent Martin Rowson cartoon should have been put up for a best caption competition.

Any ideas?



trousers said...

No ideas yet (I'm still pretty brain dead after a heavy weekend). I assume the initials stand for murderous, two-faced etc, and not Mansfield Town Football Club :)

I'll be back if I can think of anything suitable...

Barnacle Bill said...

You would not believe it but the MoD have a "history & honour" section to their news site, and who's got top billing?
The fecking Fifeshire Feartie with his Harry Patch farewell tour wheeze!
OGUL & honour do not belong on the same web page.

Merkin said...

Correct, Trousers.

Billy Bones, we have run out of ways to describe the fllth that these people are.

One favourite French comedy film is Les Ripoux (Le Cop) which is a play on words in French about 'rotten' using criminal 'eggy type' slang.

No such fun with OGUL/MTFC

These people are rotten through and through.

No comedy there.

Bodwyn Wook said...

The power-and-warfare-at-all-costs Dick(less) Cheney-personality type IS a sick cookie! Merkin, thanks for your word at BW today, I'm just in from another round of combining and have to feed various critters now at nine before I fart out...later, man!

zola a social thing said...

Moist stinking rivulets remain running down my leg ...
Where the fuck is the tributary?

Merkin said...

Yes, Zola, we understand that but do you have any suggestions for a caption?

anticant said...

"They will never be forgotten (until I no longer have to perform this ridiculous mumbo-jumbo)."

trousers said...

Nice one anti - that about sums it up.

Jose said...

I have no suggestions for a caption, I think Anticant's is the best so far.

But the one big monument with the one flag and the pile of flags without a monument - I'd say because lack of room to commemorate the "minor" dead - gives that idea of dual honours, if we can call honours to a disarranged heap of flags.

On reflection perhaps : dual morals even among dead.+

Merkin said...

Jose, I am inclined to agree with you that Anti has topped the poll.

Therefore, competition closed for the time being.

Time honoured fashion dictates :

In third place - Anticant.
In second place - Anticant.
In first place - Anticant.

A special prize to Zola for confusing the judge as to his true intentions.

PS Zola, hope the stomach has settled down.

anticant said...

There is a feeble piece by Adrian Hamilton in today's 'Independent' saying what a tw*t (I am not Dave Cameron - thank goodness - so I can almost say it) David Miliband is.

When I was little I used to crawl around the floor on hands and knees being a bus driver. That is how Milipede's performance as Foreign Secretary strikes me. But they are all like that, including the Great Gordo and even Mandelson. They keep popping up on TV making sonorous pronouncements without twigging that scarcely anyone is still listening or believing a word of it. And the Tory front bench don't look much more convincing.

As you say, Merkin, one is a loss for words to describe this shower posing as statespersons. They are not even credible politicians.

zola a social thing said...

Moist stinking rivulets REMAIN running down my leg.

I really must stop looking down on things.

lwtc247 said...

Quartet leader, Tony bLiar too busy bringing peace to the Middle East to attend service.

MOD dismisses body armour concerns saying seasonally adjusted figures show new Union Jack is 20% more bullet proof than old one.

Government revvels at relatives 'Maya Evans waryness' syndrome

Senile ex-PM John Major confused as to resting place of Edwina Curry

Patch honoured on last remaining London structure after Govt false flagged everything else.

Egyptian foreign Minister accuses UK of new dirty tricks in returning ancient Mummy.

MOD accountant rummages for posthumous rosette bill

Queen praises youth for sustained willingness to die preserving her way of life.

Signs Jo Moore returns as junior advisor.

The war to ensure all other wars.


Merkin said...

Living with The Conspiracy 24/7 has come up with a bumper package - any of which would be worthy of award.