Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Merkin 1 Monbiot 0 - A Victory for Truth


Monbiot is on the run in the Graun article and has moderated swathes of scientists in an effort to stall the inevitable.

Now, why should my comment be cast into The Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness that is the Guardian?

Is it because I am too academically qualified to be allowed to make a dissenting comment?

Is it because he knows that his citing of Popular Mechanics, in relation to the first time downing of skyscrapers in a fire, is hardly evidence of academic credibility?

' The reduction in pressure triggered the automatic pumping system, which poured thousands of gallons of diesel on to the fire. The support trusses weakened and buckled, and the building imploded. Popular Mechanics magazine polled 300 experts and came to the same conclusions.'

Could it be that he was jet-lagged after one of his junkets at my carbon-footprint expense?

We will never know.

What I do know is that he has certainly lost the argument, big style.

Former Neutrals, such as myself, will certainly think that the tipping point is seen where any dissent is immediately made history - though, in my case, immediate was a day and a half and 85 recommends later.


16 Sep 09, 3:59pm (1 minute ago)

I studied Environmental subjects at post-grad level and, for a long time, I followed the official line.
Now, I don't - though what brand of denier I am is not quite clear, even to me.

What I do know is that Mr Monbiot's attacks on anyone who disagrees with the official line - on such things as MMGW and the question of how three steel framed buildings fell down in a fire - are becoming increasingly desperate.

Just do the debate without an army of spin doctors to give you pro-forma answers in advance and you may have more credibility.

And, on no account cite Popular Mechanics as an informed source.

Recommended (85)'

Moonbat is a gatekeeper and as such does his best for the Nuclear Industry.

Unfortunately, people like him will be advisors doing CRB and ISA checks.

What a thought.

On second thoughts, that is his proper level.



Anonymous said...

Saw your post in the Guardian, yesterday, and Googled to find out why it was deleted today.

What you say makes a lot of sense and is making me a little sceptical about what Mr Monbiot is all about.


I am not qualified on scientific matters and rely on expert evidence.

Mr Monbiot's rage is quite scary.

The Witchfinder-General of MMGW orthodoxy.

PS I posted your blog link into the Guardian newspaper.

Merkin said...

Thanks, Anon, I went back and re-checked the Moonbat thread where he said that 'anyone who doesn't believe the official story aboyt 9/11 supported Saddam Hussein and the incubator atrocity'.

He's a wanker - and a dangerous wanker.

I used to be on his mailing list after being seduced by his air of.... err, plausibilty.

After he called me a Lizard Worshipper for asking a question I realised he was 'just a gatekeeper' and removed my name from his list.

zola a social thing said...

"Only love can break your heart
Try to be sure right from the start"

Stimresp said...

Monbiot is always moderating my posts - and I am being polite in comparison!

I find it a pathetic kind of funny.

Merkin said...

Nice to see you Stimresp.

There are certain writers for the Graun who appear to be untouchable, with the mods giving them free rein to spout any old rubbish without sanction.

Toynbee, Odone, Myerson, Oaten and, worst of all, Monbiot.

The Black Hole of Orwellian Nothingness series here will give you a good few examples.

In fact, being polte will not save you as they seem to be more scared of polite and well-argued criticism.
This means that they can just leave the troll comments as being representative of the 'opposin' view - hence the conspiracy theorist, holocaust denying, lizard loving Aztec that is presented as 'The Enemy'.

Edward said...

Monbiot has truly lost the pliot on this one. Keep up the good work. We're quite close on the Henry Porter thread BTW!

Merkin said...

Saw that, Rotto!.

What is always disappointing on the Monbiot threads is that I have to take a copy of any post I make so as to be assured it is date stamped.

Just not cricket.

anticant said...

Another untouchable is the feminazi Julie Bindel.