Saturday, 2 February 2008

Bezzled by a Fop

As usual, prowling on The Graun.
Got the most wonderful photograph of where my Tax ends up.
Young Mister Conway is as stupid a cunt as Young Mister Hewitt.
And Mister Cameron hopes to be the PM some day.
Reminds me of a joke my father told me.
A poor family send the idiot son to Eton in the hope of rising somewhat in society.
The Son says, in a letter, can you send me some money I need to buy the same clothes as these members of high society.
Father sends money for a Tail Coat.
father sends money for a Top Hat.
Father sends money for a Topped Cane.
Son sends photo and says to father 'Don't I look like a right Count, now?'

Father breaks down in tears.
'A right Count? - All that money and he can't even spell'.

1 comment:

zola a social thing said...

Merkin : You have identified the breaking down of Edinburgh society.
It all began with RLS and then ended up in you know what.